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Thread: Canvas update

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    Canvas update

    Ordered from Pixel2Canvas. Took a bit longer than expected since they had an error during the coating process... but WELL worth the wait. It's gorgeous and I'm so pleased!!

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    It turned out so pretty, Kim! I'm happy to hear that you're pleased! I will definitely order from them if and when I have something canvas worthy! Thanks for the update and for sharing the photos!
    LOVES it here!

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    It looks great! ...and you got a duck

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    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! I've ordered from Simply Canvas in the past (they have great specials) and been pleased...I'll have to try your source next!

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    it is beautiful, thanks for showing!

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    amazing. that is a gorgeous photo, and such great quality on the canvas. how are you framing it?

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    It looks amazing! I got my gallery wrap back from WHCC and am very happy with it, but need to check out Pixel2Canvas for prices since this looks great too!

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  8. It's beautiful! so glad you shared the final result!

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    elliottsurf Guest
    Kim, Wow is that gorgeous! Can I ask you how much you paid for that?

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    Thanks everyone!
    Myra, I'm not going to frame it. I'm going to hang it. Hoping to get a group shot of the FRONT of their faces for my mantel once the baby is here... don't know how that will pan out though.. haha!!

    It's a BIG one... 24x30 and I paid $150 for it I believe.

  11. Looks fantastic, Kim!

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