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Thread: It's time to VOTE!!

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    For those of you who are on a Mac, I used the Safari browser and had no trouble voting, with the exception of deciding who that is! Everyone did an amazing job with their entries! You all deserve to pat yourselves on the back for a job well done! The gallery has been on fire with so many awesome and creative ideas! Thanks to all who participated, this has been so fun!

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    I had to use Chrome to vote....
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    Such a difficult choice, but I finally made my decision. I enjoyed looking through all of your pages. We have such talent here at DD!

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    woohoo. voted. loved the gallery and hope ALL of you know you really rocked it with those pages!!
    read all about it!... -->
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    Quote Originally Posted by home in ottawa View Post
    Decisions, decisions....can I just vote for everyone?? Well done, all.
    My sentiments exactly!!! Superb job by everyone... which makes it so difficult to vote! Arrrggghhh...

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    Oh so exciting! I have to go back through and look at them all again.... Almost impossible to vote for just one.... So much talent and inspiration!! Well done ladies!!

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    I agree that the talent shown in this contest is phenomenal! It was so very difficult to narrow down my choice. I too used Safari and had no problems at the site. Good luck to everyone!

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    I still can't decide.

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    There are so many amazing entries and talented scrapers! Such a hard choice! Good luck ladies!

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    Great job, ladies -- you made the decision a difficult one! You're all winners in my book!

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    So many gorgeous makes it soooo hard to decide. I appreciate all of your hard work, creativity and for being able to "put it all out there". Good Luck to one and all. You have made the gallery sing this month

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    It's better not being able to see who is getting how many votes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandy924 View Post
    It's better not being able to see who is getting how many votes.
    I agree!! It makes it more exciting for everyone! I still haven't decided who I am voting for. There are so many amazing layouts! Such a talented group putting themselves "out there!"

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    I did it! I voted . . . and realized I was holding my breath as I did it. OMG what a dork. lol

    I too am very happy that the results are not visible. It's just kind of zaps the fun out of it when there is even more stress for me. Wow, now I've made it about me . . . surely there must be a pill for this. lol

    Congratulations to EVERYONE who "put themselves out there" for this competition. My hat is off to you. You are all very talented and I hope that this as much fun for you as it is for those of us who are cheering you on from the sidelines. :O)

  15. The gallery has been so filled with inspiration during this contest... sure made the choice difficult..
    but voted and did not encounter any problems or issues with the link on this thread...
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    Well that was a hard choice. Great job on all your pages, ladies... looking forward to seeing the results again next month!
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    I agree that is super hard to just pick one - everyone did such a fantastic job!

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    I've just voted.......what a talented group of ladies we have here at DD. Good luck to you all!!!

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  19. Such wonderful layouts . . . such a great time in the gallery! There is so much talent here at DD, isn't there? This is wonderful . . . but, it sure makes voting practically impossible!!

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    Such a tough choice, I finally voted!! Good luck ladies! I am eager to see who the winner is!

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    And now we're just all waiting . . . holding our breaths . . . good luck all you ladies, you are all amazing (exceptional scrappers too )!!!

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    Hard to choose, but I made my choice!! Good luck EVERYONE!!!
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    I'm just checking in to see who the winner is! Can't wait to hear!
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    Just got home =sorry I missed it-great entries

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