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Thread: Shout out to Amy Mallory!!

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    So exciting ladies!

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  2. i just got the digital issue and i'm in there too...a real honor to be surrounded by so many DD friends!

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    I think they only send a copy to those in the USA. I should be able to find it here. We get our copies a bit later than you - they add in some Australian content and Aussie ads so it takes longer. Last week they still had the previous issue at the newsagents.
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  4. Congrats Amy!

    Happy to hear that the issue is packed with so many DDers! Congrats to everyone!

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    AWESOME! DD really rocked this issue; congratulations to ALL of you gals!

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    Congrats, Amy and everyone! Such a thrill to see Amy's sweet page on the cover! Can't wait to get my copy so that I can ooohhh and ahhh over all of the wonderful DD pages!
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  7. Congratulations, Amy!

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    Congrats Amy and to the other talented ladies that made the issue!! So very well deserved!

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    Oh my cuteness!! I just got mine in the mail!!

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    Congratulations everyone!!

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    Wow, on the cover Amy, Congrats!! And it sounds like it definitely is a DD packed issue! Can't wait to see it!
    Fabulous pages ladies! Congrats to all!!

  12. I noticed Amy on the cover as well! Congrats!

    I've got two LOs in it as well. SOOOO excited.
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    Well done everyone for flying the DD flag so brilliantly!! I'm incredibly be proud to be a member of this super talented community

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    How wonderful Amy!!!! Congratulations!!!!

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    Thank you so much everyone! --and again congrats to all the DD gals who are in this issue! My aunt in Ohio got her copy yesterday, but I still haven't gotten mine in the mail. I am hoping it won't be long!!!
    Amy Mallory

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    BIG congratulations! Wow - well done ladies! x
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  17. Wow, I am late to this party, but a huge congratulations to everyone!!

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