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Thread: New here from Connecticut

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    New here from Connecticut

    Hi everyone,

    I'm not exactly new to DesignerDigitals because I've been buying products for a few years. I've been digiscrapping for about 5 years. I started paying attention to products here because I have been searching for a variety of travel-related stuff for a very large album I am working on. And along the way, I've fallen in love with the style of LOs I see here, especially the style of a center picture with lots of small-scale layering and brushes and stuff, and empty space. I want to learn how to do that well. I love the look. I'm very turned off by the pile-on-everything-big-and-glittery style I see at so many other store/community sites, and I'm getting bored with the minimalistic style of the store/community where I've been for the past 2 years. I really like what I see here.

    Where should I start? Buy a template, I suppose?

    Thanks in advance,
    Sarah aka littlemelch

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    Welcome, Sarah! I love that there is so much inspiration here as well. When I want to make a large book, I do try and find a set of templates just to keep the book cohesive. After that I am free to play with papers, elements, etc. Have fun with it. I look forward to seeing some of your pages if you're willing to share. :O)

    Lynn has some fabulous templates for books:
    Katie has some beautiful layered ones as well as sets:
    Here's another search option. I went to the search box in the store and put in "template set."

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    Well Sarah, lovely to see you in the forum, a belated welcome.

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    How very nice to meet you it makes me happy to hear that you like the style around. I hope you will share some of your creations

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    So glad you introduced yourself -- you'll find no end to the inspiration at DD. Looking forward to seeing what you create!

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    So nice to meet you, Sarah! There is no shortage of inspiration here, no matter what your style choice might be. I think Kelly has given you a few great places to start. I look forward to seeing your work in the gallery!

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    Hi Sarah! Welcome to the forum! Yep, templates are a good way to go as well as finding a favourite LO in the gallery and attempting to reproduce it with similar product of your choice. People are generally flattered when you 'scraplift' their pages - gives them a buzz! Checkout the Saturday Scraplift Challenges on the blog if you haven't seen them already! Again - welcome to DD!

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  8. Hi there, Sarah! Thanks for introducing yourself. It's fun for us to make new friends. I agree, the DD gallery is very inspiring and the products in the DD store by the talented designers are the very best around!!

    However, you decide to start, it will be fun!

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    Hi and welcome! I'm sure you'll find lots of inspiration here!

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    Welcome, Sarah! I was drawn to DD because of the inspiration in the gallery and really liked the style. To this day I'm always inspired with the creative layouts that I see every day. I'm sure you will find great ideas and inspiration here!
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    Welcome!! I also like the style of the scrappers here! It's a great place!
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    So glad you found us! Your words perfectly describe what I was feeling when I decided to make DD my home!

  13. Welcome Sarah.... have fun working on your album.... I'll be looking forward to seeing your pages of your trips...Lynn Grieveson has incredible trip album sets.... and a lot of her pages are in the gallery.... have fun checking them out!!!
    Debbie Douglas aka Minideb
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    Welcome Sarah! You came to the right place... Lynn is the best for travel pages Can't wait to see some of your work!

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    Hi everyone!!
    Wow, I didn't expect to see so many responses. That is really nice!! Thank you!!

    I very much appreciate the links and suggestions, I will go take a look.

    Yesterday, I downloading some LOs I really really like to use for inspiration -- mostly things I come across in the store which there with the products to show how they are used. I need to go spend some time in the gallery.

    I also need to re-compile all my DD products. I had them put together but the HD they were on crashed and I haven't paid for disk recovery. Fortunately, I keep my product download zips on CDROMs and DVDs. I'm feeling "inspired" get them all out again and see what I have.

    I hope to post a Christmas LO soon, as soon as I can buy Photoshop. I don't have the disks for the CS2 on the old HD and can't afford a new CS-anything so will go for basic Elements and hope it works well enough. I know lots of people use it for digiscrapping...

    By best,

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    Welcome Sarah!! It's so wonderful to have you join us!! I agree that the styles here are right up my ally!! The gallery is always packed full of amazing inspiration and the designers are just amazing!! The community here is over the top too!! Warm, friendly and extremely helpful! Looking forward to seeing you around more.

    Btw, check out Adobes website, they have free 30 trials of their software. A lot of us do use Photoshop Elements or the full version of photoshop. There are other options out there too.
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    Welcome to the DD forums, Sarah! I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas layout in the gallery soon. I alternate using CS and Elements. I think you will be pleased with all Elements can do for the price. Happy scrapping!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

  18. I love that you introduced us to you, Sarah. It is nice to have your here . . . welcome to Designer Digitals. You will find every type of scrapbooking here . . . so much inspiration. You will love the books that so many talented people make with their travel photos . . . the templates make pulling it all together a snap. (Not that I get than many done . . . I am sort of slow in finishing my books it seems) Glad that you had your products burned to disks.

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    A very warm welcome to you Sarah, so happy to have you on board

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    Welcome Sarah!! I'm a huge fan of DD's templates! That's always a good place to start!
    LOVES it here!

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    You've already been given some good "starting advice" here, but I will say a HUGE WELCOME TO DD!

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    Welcome, Sarah!!!

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    Lovely to meet you Sarah! Travel pages are my favorite! I recommend you find the pages you love the best and see what products they've used. Many will have used templates and they are the easiest place to start. And as others have said there are some terrific template sets here - they are a bit of an initial outlay but great value when you use them for your whole book and they make the process so much quicker!
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    Welcome Sarah! Good for you that you had everything backed up! I'd hate to lose everything I have, I would be devastated! I know alot of people use PSE and are very happy with it. I LOVE the style here too, that's what pulled me in and the friendliness of everyone! Look forward to seeing some of your travel pages!

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    Hi everyone! It has taken me ages to come back, and I finally uploaded my first picture to the gallery -- a DD LO. Not what I was planning to be doing but one that I was compelled to do. Thank you again for all the warm welcomes. I've spent a ton on DD STUFF and now just need time.

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    Good to see you in the gallery, I love your page. I just hope your kitty will come home soon!!!

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    I will have to go check out your page! How exciting!!! Congrats in uploading your first page here!! Hope to see you around more!!
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    Hi Sarah! I am loving your first page! WELCOME!!! I am with you about time! I need more of it!! Happy scrapping when you can squeeze it in! It is a great hobby since the pages can be enjoyed for a lifetime!!!
    Amy Mallory


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    A big welcome to DD - it's a wonderful place to be inspired and share your work. I'm off to check out your gallery now

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    I will add my welcome to DD!! Had a look at your page - aren't the templates amazing?? I love playing around with them too, when I am all out of ideas.
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