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Thread: It's a Throwdown!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rache77 View Post
    Great! I think I will have time to play! Great freebies Katie, thanks!

    Hi Sylvia! Nice to "see" you here!
    Hi Rachel! So happy we're playing together tonight!

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    Is there a time limit?

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    This will be such fun! I love figuring out how to use all of these items. It's kind of like a puzzle!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    yes, the deadline is 9am EST tomorrow morning!

    And for using it as an eraser... drag the triangles into a new layer, turn off visibility, make it an active selection and go to your photo or a paper layer and hit 'delete' ..and you've used it as an eraser!

    hope that helps!
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  5. Whew, I'm so glad we have a little while longer!!! Thanks Katie!

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    My page is up in the gallery, Katie! Fun Throwdown challenge! I wish I had more time to be creative tonight! I had the basic freebies down you gave earlier today (I also had 3 stars like your page!) and the secret ingredient was the key to making it work! Thanks so much for the challenge!

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  7. Mine's up too although it looks a little funky with the white "frame" the gallery puts on surrounding the full page frame on the layout! LOL!

    Thanks Katie for the chat and the freebies!

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    Thanks, Katie! This was a fun challenge - loved the freebies and the secret ingredient - I have to try using it as an eraser!!

  9. Thanks Katie for the freebies for this challenge and I appreciate that you extended the time until tomorrow morning. I had lots of fun.

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    Newbie here cannot find her way to the gallery. HELP please.
    I would love to play but I can only see the writing part cannot see any of the layouts ya'll did.
    LOST-- (as usual)

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    Thank you so much for the fun challenge Katie and especially for the extra time. Got mine done.
    Betty Jo

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    Hi Kay, glad you wanted to join in. To get to the gallery click 'ideas' in the top menu bar. There you can see all the pages, and you would then find the button to upload a page too. Hope to see you in the gallery, just ask if you want more help, we're very willing to help.
    Chrissy x

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