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Thread: Compact Flash Card failure- any help?

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    Compact Flash Card failure- any help?

    Has anyone ever had to recover the images from a compact flash card? Mine stopped working on the boat, naturally.

    I believe there are recovery options....some software which helps.

    Does anyone have experience with this and could you give me any advice?

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    During your searching have you ran across .. haven't used it personally but sounds reasonable .. has recommendations from PCWorld and Nikon.

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    Hey GAIL!! Thanks for this tip. It's windows only so I will search for something like this for the Mac. The local computer store has a software to check and see if they can recover the files but they charge $40 for one Compact Flash transferred to a disc. Hope I can find my own software to try. Thank you so much for your help.
    just call me Uma

    I guess I SHOULD remove the blinkie.
    BUT I'm not gonna!

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    I found the MAC version. Nothing to be seen on my card. Bummer. thanks for your help.

    LESSON LEARNED: Do not use card when battery is so low. Do not try to change modes when camera is recording.

    Better learned now than in India, eh??
    just call me Uma

    I guess I SHOULD remove the blinkie.
    BUT I'm not gonna!

  5. omgosh. I do this all the time. Thanks for the tip. Sorry nothing could be recovered.

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    There is software called zeroassumption that can recover images even after a card is formatted.. I've used it several times successfully and if you're only recovering photos it's free :-) It will even recover part of a photo. Good luck

    Ughhh.. just realized it doesn't have a Mac version.. but here's one that's supposed to be as good
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  7. I will keep this one file just in case I should need it . . . fingers crossed that I won't need it!!

    this is one smart group of gals . . . always a great answer no matter what the question.

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