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Thread: Compact Flash Card failure- any help?

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    Compact Flash Card failure- any help?

    Has anyone ever had to recover the images from a compact flash card? Mine stopped working on the boat, naturally.

    I believe there are recovery options....some software which helps.

    Does anyone have experience with this and could you give me any advice?

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    During your searching have you ran across .. haven't used it personally but sounds reasonable .. has recommendations from PCWorld and Nikon.

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    Hey GAIL!! Thanks for this tip. It's windows only so I will search for something like this for the Mac. The local computer store has a software to check and see if they can recover the files but they charge $40 for one Compact Flash transferred to a disc. Hope I can find my own software to try. Thank you so much for your help.
    just call me Uma

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    I found the MAC version. Nothing to be seen on my card. Bummer. thanks for your help.

    LESSON LEARNED: Do not use card when battery is so low. Do not try to change modes when camera is recording.

    Better learned now than in India, eh??
    just call me Uma

  5. omgosh. I do this all the time. Thanks for the tip. Sorry nothing could be recovered.

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    There is software called zeroassumption that can recover images even after a card is formatted.. I've used it several times successfully and if you're only recovering photos it's free :-) It will even recover part of a photo. Good luck

    Ughhh.. just realized it doesn't have a Mac version.. but here's one that's supposed to be as good
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  7. I will keep this one file just in case I should need it . . . fingers crossed that I won't need it!!

    this is one smart group of gals . . . always a great answer no matter what the question.

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