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Thread: Photo book where to start...any ideas

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    Photo book where to start...any ideas

    I am not new to digital scrapbooking but have not put together a complete photobook. I want to do a photobook of my granddaughter; she is almost 5 and don't know really where I want to start. She I do small books of events such as birthdays, Christmas, vacations, etc..also I would like to do a baby one but where do I stop...example birth to which age...I do have a lot of pictures of her. What I think may be best for my skill level is using layered templates and adding my own papers, and elements. Is there any layered templates in the supplies which would help me finish an entire book...maybe if I could purchase a package of the layered templates the if I want to add a few different layered templates pages that would work..any thoughts or ideas would be so helpful

    thanks Shelley

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    Hi Shelley, I got the best results searching in the store for "template set."

    When I searched for "baby book" I found several including this one:

    There are SOOOOO many wonderful sets that you might need a minute to go through them all. Katie P. has wonderful layered templates with lots of extra elements and goodies included; Cathy Z has some wonderful graphic style templates in both 12x12 and 8.5x11 and then Lynn G has fabulous stuff with just that little extra within her designs. I often use their template sets for my themed books as they give a great cohesive look to them. I'm sure you'll find something that works beautifully. :O)

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    Searching for template sets will really help - the pages will be cohesive. I have nine grandchildren and know how daunting it can be to start scrapbooking for them, especially since there are so many pictures in this digital age. For the last three grandchildren I did a first year album and chose the best 2-3 photos for each month until 12 months and used one main kit for continuity. Hope that helps a little. You've certainly come to the right place for lots of choices!

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    Many of Lynn's Scrap Express templates would look great together too. You could purchase a kit or two that you love and coordinates and then use the scrap express templates to create a cohesive book.

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    What sort of style were you thinking of?
    Lots of photos vs 1 or 2?
    Clean and graphic or embellished?
    Two page templates or just a set of mix and match single pages?
    Some of us have organised our our photobook LOs into albums that might give you some ideas. You'll see them at the top of our galleries.
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    I did a baby book for my Son when he was born and it chronicled from birth to 12 months. I did a page for every little milestone he had and also included all special events and holidays etc. The pages focused on specific things like walking for the first time, first solids, nap times etc. I also did a separate project where I did a weekly update over his first year. I kept the journalling simple and it was basically just an overview of our weeks and included the day to day stuff I wouldn't necessarily do a scrapbook page about. Now, I include the day to day stuff in PL and I have a yearly book for him that includes all of those one off pages, special events and holidays etc. I never used templates though and I think that's why it took me until recently to finish them (he's almost 2.5)! If I had my time over, I'd have definitely used a template pack to make my life easier.

    I am pregnant now with our second child and plan to scrap every single little thing again but plan to do it differently. Currently I am doing a book scrapping her pregnancy and I am using only Layer Works templates. I love how versatile they are and the fact I can leave them be or change the elements/colours etc completely. They require only as much time as I have to play.

    I plan to again do a baby book from birth to 1 year (using my son's pages as prompts) and a seperate book of weekly updates for her first year. And I will choose templates for these as well as I know my scrapping time will decrease a lot after she arrives. I am going to continue using the Layer Works templates for her baby book and now looking at this thread I think I'll use Lynn's Tiny Treasures Templates for the weekly book.



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