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Thread: Need Help for ACDSee users

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    Need Help for ACDSee users

    When I set up my ACDsee, I had three words at the bottom of the column wayyyyyyyy to the right. On the very bottom below the ratings, below the labels the very bottom line there, it said search organize and another word. When I clicked on that word I could type in Designer Digital so I knew where the product came from. I could type in KPertiet so I knew who the author was etc. That word I got rid of some how and I really want it back so I can tag something I bought. Anyone know how I can get that Thanks ahead of time.

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    Thank you to Cindy who stepped in and got me going. Whew, cuz I can't work till all is tagged and some how I detached that properites-metadata from my column. All set now.



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