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Thread: Suggestions, please? 1900's photos

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    Suggestions, please? 1900's photos

    I was recently blessed and acquired a vintage album with a handful of photos of my Grandma. One in particular was taken in 1900 to 1912(?) I want to put the photo(s) on a dirty pink paper (like a Paris color) but my son keeps saying use an aged looking one instead, like a light sepia tone. What opinions do you have to offer me, if any? Grandma's pictures have a black background and she is a sepia color.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Try it on both and maybe post a pic here so we can see. You just KNOW we'll give you an opinion! tee hee.

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    I love the idea of the vintage pink. It's all the rage in formal fashion these days. Carol's right you know, we'd love to see an example. :O)



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