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Thread: cutting a document in half to save

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    cutting a document in half to save

    I am making a 4x6 photo book and used a 4x12 document in PSE11 to make the pages. That way I knew the right and left side would match up. But now I need to "cut" each side to save individually as a 4x6jpeg. I would still like to preserve the original 4x12 psd file too. I'm not sure how to do that. Thank you for any help!

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    One way you could do this would be to save your 4 x 12 document both as a jpeg and a PSD. Then I would duplicate it by using ctrl J or command J twice. I would turn the eye off on the lower two copies in the layer palette. Then draw a 4x6 rectangle with the rectangular marquis tool and the hit delete. Then save the half that is left as right or left. I would save each side as a jpeg and a psd also. Then turn off that layer and turn on the lower layer and repeat only delete the other side. The you should have a 4x 12, a right side 4x6, and a left side 4x6. I hope that helps.

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