I have an iphone 4s, but I can't use instagram (a password problem that I can't get solved, so if I use it, I lose the pictures.) It doesn't take great pictures. I don't have anything but a point and shoot (it takes better pictures than the iphone.) I'm not a very good photographer, but the iphone has made me better. I'm thinking of upgrading to the Nokia Lumina (I might be able to do a trade in and make it almost free.) The problem is that I really loved, loved, loved Instagram and the filters fixed my poor photo skills. It would take me foooooorever to learn a really fancy big camera. I guess I am looking for something that will let me take pictures that are lots better than iphone 4s, but that so easy to use that I will use it all the time instead of pulling out the phone. Any and all thoughts would be so helpful!