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    camera advice

    I have an iphone 4s, but I can't use instagram (a password problem that I can't get solved, so if I use it, I lose the pictures.) It doesn't take great pictures. I don't have anything but a point and shoot (it takes better pictures than the iphone.) I'm not a very good photographer, but the iphone has made me better. I'm thinking of upgrading to the Nokia Lumina (I might be able to do a trade in and make it almost free.) The problem is that I really loved, loved, loved Instagram and the filters fixed my poor photo skills. It would take me foooooorever to learn a really fancy big camera. I guess I am looking for something that will let me take pictures that are lots better than iphone 4s, but that so easy to use that I will use it all the time instead of pulling out the phone. Any and all thoughts would be so helpful!

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    The Nokia Lumia is such great value, isn't it?! There are a few photo apps available in the Windows apps store that you could try:

    That's a tough question about the camera. I guess you're after a point and shoot? There are so many available! I did a quick test with my 6 year old p&s vs the iPhone4s and the old p&s was definitely better. So I think you could pick ANY p&s and end up with better images than the phone photos. It all depends on what features you'd like in your camera. Quite a few of them have fun photo processing features that might do the trick for you. You would also want to think about what sort of zoom you want, whether you want something that's waterproof (phones generally aren't!), do you want to take video, etc, etc.
    I use to help make up my mind.
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    You can check out some of Coffeeshops free actions and run those to be similar to the Instagram filters.
    For Instagram, I know you said you're having issues, do you have it set to save the original photo to your album? Good luck with your decisions and issues!

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    With your Instagram problem can you not set up another account? You would probably need to delete the app off your device and reinstall it, then set up a new account from scratch with a new username would need another email address I think but it's easy enough to do that if you don't have more than one already. Just a thought.........

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