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Thread: Jackie in Legacy

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    Jackie in Legacy

    I just got my new issue of Legacy and there's two great layouts by Jackie in there! You can't pick up a scrapping mag without bumping into DD! Yippee! And great work Jackie!

  2. Congratulations Jackie! Very cool!

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    It's so fun and exciting to be flipping through a favorite scrapping booking magazine and see someone I 'know' in there! Congratulations Jackie!!
    LOVES it here!

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    How cool!

  5. OH my gosh, thanks everyone!! I haven't seen the issue yet, have to go to the bookstore - today!!!

    DD ROCKS!! So many magazines with with DD in them - HAVE to buy them all!!


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    woohoo congrats jackie! have to take a peek next time i'm in the bookstore!

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    yay Jackie!!!!!!!!

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    Whoa, Jackie! You're on a real roll. Keep it up! Big congrats!


  9. congrats Jackie!!!

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