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  1. Kiawah Resort

    I went to Kiawah Resort, SC almost three summers ago with my family and cousins. One night we took pictures along the beach and I got wonderful results. Last April in their brochure they send bi-annually, they asked if anyone had pictures from their vacation there. That they would likely use them in their upcoming brochure. So I sent several of our photos into them. I heard from them a few days later and they loved one that I sent. They have since used it on not only their brochure but they made a huge postcard from it. Whenever a resort guests returns home a week later they receive our postcard inviting them back.
    Today I went to their site. It's been updated. Guess who's picture is on the front page? MINE! Check it out here: Kiawah Resort It's the one of the kids facing the beach. My two girls are on the left side. *Sigh* my how they've grown.
    Just wanted to toot my own horn. TFL!

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    Congratulations! That would be exciting (though they should pay you a fortune for that photo!) I love the light in it.

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    That is so cool! It's a gorgeous photo!

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  4. How exciting!!! Beautiful photo!

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    what a gorgeous photo! way to go!

  6. My gosh, Kris, that photo is the BEST! No wonder they put it on their web page! It is sensational!

    I'm checking out the resort, too. My dh loves golf vacations. I go along for the scenery and the beach.

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    oh my, that photo is AMAZING! I agree, they SHOULD be paying you a fortune for it! wow!

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    How cool is that! It is a great photo!!! Cool cool!!

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  9. Gorgeous photo Kris! Isn't it nice to be validated as a "real" photographer.

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  10. Fabulous photo! Congrats!

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    elliottsurf Guest

    That is gorgeous. Congrats to you. The cousins will treasure that photo for when they are older!

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    How exciting for you! Your photo is lovely-I can see why they wanted to use it! This deserves a big WAHOO!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    Wow!!! What a gorgeous photo... and how exciting to have others really appreciate it too!! Fabulous!! Excited for you!

  14. that is SO cool, kris!!!
    -- Caroline


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  15. Quality photo!!!


    The lighting on this photo is wonderful, the colors pull on each other and how very EXCITING for you to see it on their website!!! CONGRATS. They know quality when they see it!



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