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Thread: The Story Scrapbook Challenge

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    The Story Scrapbook Challenge

    Hi all, the Story Scrapbook Challenge is back again.

    We have a great responsibility being the story tellers for our families and friends and loved ones. It?s a role we choose to take and being the scrapbookers we are we cherish. I really hope you'll join us.

    Go check out the blog post for some examples from the CT.

    I know a lot of scrappers can be paralysed by the thought of a blank screen in front of them. What to write, where to put it, what fonts to choose. I'm going to say do what comes from your heart. Just sit down, hands on the keyboard and type. I mention in the blog post that I don?t tend to worry about my punctuation to be absolutely perfect. Ah ha! Shock horror from the teachers and literary amongst us. I?ll show my husband a page and he?ll read the journaling and start informing me that I need a comma here, or a new paragraph there, tsk tsking the whole time. But you know what ... I write like I talk. I don?t talk with fullstops or semi-colans. I do however talk with a lot of exclamation marks!!!!

    So to be honest as I think people do "hear" my voice when they read my pages. I hope so at least.

    The team at DD have provided a freebie to help you on your way, and rules of the challenge is to use at least one product from this freebie pack.

    Post your pages in the Weekly Challenge Gallery by Sunday 9 June at 12midnight EST using mostly DesignerDigitals products. Pages that use ALL DesignerDigitals products are eligible for a $5 store gift certificate that will be randomly awarded close of the contest. Remember to use at least one challenge freebie and have fun!

    Now go tell your stories.

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    This looks like a real challenge. (for me!) Thanks for that fab freebie. Love each piece.




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