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Thread: My graduate

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    My graduate

    I can't believe she'll be graduating from pre-school next month. I took individual and group photos of her class as a fundraiser for the early learning center.

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    How adorable! She looks so grown up!

  3. Wonderful photo, Heidi. I bet you brought in a boat load of cash for the school!

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    Oh, heidi! Sooo precious.
    De Anna
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  5. She's adorable! (What a great idea for a fundraiser!)


  6. aww! so cute!
    -- Caroline


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    Beautiful photo and she's such a cutie! They don't do that for DD's graduation next month, but they do for kindergarten. Fun idea for a fundraiser! TFS~
    LOVES it here!

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    wow! look at those blue eyes! she's just beautiful, Heidi!

  9. The cap and gown make her look so grown up! Great idea for the fundraiser (also great way to get your work in front of lots of people). Just checked out your photography site (again). I love your work Heidi!

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    Great shot and great idea for a fundraiser! Your work rocks!

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    Fantastic photo! She looks so proud in that cap and gown!



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