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Thread: Challenges - please explain

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    Red face Challenges - please explain

    Hi all, I am a little confused by the challenges - there seem to be all sorts going on - colour, email, etc.
    Am I right in assuming that the idea is to use the given resources to create a page and then post it?
    Please could someone explain all the different types of challenges for me?

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    Sounds like you are on the right track. I don't participate in too many challenges, but they are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and/or act as inspiration to "just do it". Some of the challenges come with freebies (thanks Katie!), some, like the 3Kits 3Ways and the template challenge, require you to purchase a kit or template (I understand that some people buy kits and templates and then don't actually use them...ahem...). Some of the challenges have a randomly selected winner who receives a gift certificate to the store, for others the reward is a finished page. One challenge that I do participate in is the Photoswap, a great way to get to know others. There is one in the organization stage at the moment....( Jenelle will pair up the participants, who exchange photos and scrap their partner's photos. You could end up with a page of your photos scrapped by one of your "idol" scrappers! It can also be an opportunity to get some "I have no idea how to scrap these photos" scrapped for you!
    Hope that this helps!

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    Challenges are provided to help inspire your scrapping creativity! The weekend challenges has a freebie with them but no prize associated with them. The other challenges mostly have $5 store gift certificates as prizes. I've been mixing up challenges to keep everything fresh! Hoping to get better about keeping up the challenge calendar so you can easily see everything that's going on!
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    Heres a little more info....hope it helps. the quarterly sale is around the corner it starts on Thursday there are challenges on Saturday... the first one is a 30 minute masterpiece.....its from 11 to 12 ---they give you the rules and tell you if there is a freebie involved and a prize..... you have 30 minutes to finish a page.... sounds incredibly stressful but it is amazing to see what others come up with result is a page done in 30 minutes..... there are other chats...... they give you longer to get the challenge done....there is one at 12 its with CathyZ ....from 3-4 there is one with Merrillee and from 6-7 is Lynn and from 9 - 10 is a throwdown with Katie..... the chats/challenges are fun everything will be in links like this and it's easy to follow and keep up with..... the freebies are awesome.... thanks to the designers..I don't win so I give myself a prize if I participate..... the sale is incredible and they add new stuff and new twists every quarterly sale.....did I say it would be incredible or awesome enough times to tell you its really fun and big and crazy fun.....PS the times are on the calendar if I don't have them right you click on the 7 items it gives you more details....
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    Hello Charlie!
    I'm glad you are interested in the challenges and I'm glad you asked the question you did because I bet there are many others wondering the same thing as you are wondering. There are a variety of different challenges at DD; some with freebies, some with random winners for DD store gift certificates and some just for the fun of being inspired. Many challenges have their own gallery for posting what you create for the challenge. You can find those galleries on the Ideas Page.

    1. Katie's challenges with freebies are Week-end Challenges. They can be found in the Weekly Challenges Forum.

    2. Then there are Challenges Led by Creative Team members (some with freebies, some with Gift Certificates, some just for the inspiration):
    There is usually a thread posted in the General Gallery announcing these challenges with a link to the DD blog where you will find instructions and example layouts for inspiration.

    3. Chat Challenges:
    Debbie gave you a good summary of the challenges associated with the upcoming chats on Saturday during our Quarterly Sale. Like she mentioned, there will be links for downloading freebies connected with each chat as well as a challenge to create a layout using those freebies.

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    Hi! I'm new here... well... I signed in some time ago but I was just looking around. Now I'd like to take part in the challenges and have fun. But I have one question. Let's take Katie's challenges for example. I have to use some freebies provided for the challenge and what about papers and embellishments? Do they have to be from the shop or can I use something I have from other websites and designers? Help!

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    Hi Anuszka! I am glad you are going to jump in and join some of the challenges here at DD.

    As you have discovered, Katie, gives weekly inspiration with a free download here in this thread:

    There is a special gallery, Weekly Inspiration, for showing how you used the freebie. Layouts with other designer's products are OK as long as the page use some DesignerDigitals products somewhere in the layout! Please be sure to credit other designers but Do NOT include links to outside domains.

    Then, there are the challenges hosted by different members of the Creative Team throughout the month. You can check the calendar, the blog and this thread to find those.

    Those challenges are eligible for our rewards program and must be created with 100% Designer Digitals products to be eligible.

    Hope that helps and we'd love to have you join in our challenges!

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    Hi Anuszka! Welcome to DD... I'm looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!

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    Hi. I am new too - very new and trying to figure out the challenges, forum etc. I have at least figured out how to post. I guess baby steps....

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    Hi seahorsefan! (Sorry, I don't know your name as it doesn't appear on your profile!) Welcome to DD! You'll soon know the site like the back of your hand. It's great that you've started posting in the gallery! See you there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seahorsefan View Post
    Hi. I am new too - very new and trying to figure out the challenges, forum etc. I have at least figured out how to post. I guess baby steps....
    Hello seahorsefan! So glad you are joining in on challenges and posting in the forum and gallery. It adds so much to the joy of scrapping to be an active part of our community.

    Be sure to ask questions! Everyone here is very friendly and helpful!

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    Hiya Seahorsefan, so glad you got the courage to post . You'll be on your way in no time, feel free to ask any questions you have, we're always willing to help others develop a scrapping addiction!

    Please let us know your name too!
    Chrissy x

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    Welcome to DD ladies! I'm eager to get to know you and see your pages in the gallery!

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    Hi there seahorsefan........I'm so happy that you've posted on this thread so we can all pop over and say hello!! I look forward to helping you take those baby steps in any way I can, welcome to our community!!

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    Hi seaforsefan, I love that the challenges give you a direction. Sometimes it can be daunting sitting looking at a blank screen, but challenges give you a great jumping off point, lots of fun. And it's so fun too seeing how everyone interprets the challenge with their pages differently. That's the most fun how each of our minds work differently.

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