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Thread: Sign Up for the May PHOTO SWAP!

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    Sign Up for the May PHOTO SWAP!

    Yes everyone, it's that time again! PHOTO SWAP time! If you haven?t signed up before, have a think about taking the plunge, because these swaps really are a lot of fun and such a great way to get to know other DD community members. And if you're a perpetual photo-swapper, then jump on-board again - who knows who you'll be paired up with this time?

    Have a read about the process and then you can sign up below if you'd like to take part.

    * You can sign up by replying to this thread through to Sunday, May 12. We want to give everyone a chance to hear about this opportunity, so spread the word!

    * Once sign-ups are complete, I will randomly pair everyone with a photo swap buddy. The buddies will be announced here in a new thread on Monday, May 13.

    * You will have 2 weeks to complete a 12x12 page for your photo swap buddy. We have a deadline so no one is left waiting. All pages should be swapped and posted in the Photo Swap Gallery by Monday, May 27.

    *Any page that is created by a CT member can be posted anywhere on the DD site, so please be sure you are comfortable with your pages being posted in other areas besides the Gallery (ie: examples in the store). Also, if you DO NOT wish for your page to be posted outside of Designer Digitals (Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) please make your photo swap partner aware of that.

    * How it works:

    1. Check the partner thread and find your swap buddy. Send them a DD PM so that the two of you can exchange email addresses.
    2. By email, you and your swap buddy will exchange photos to scrap for each other! Try to send clear, high quality photos to your buddy, as this always helps the mojo.
    3. You can also send journaling, title suggestions, etc. How much or how little additional information you supply is up to you.
    4. Use 100% DD supplies to create a page from your buddy's photo(s).
    6. Once the page is complete - send the high resolution/print ready flattened version back to your partner by email (no PSD files please).
    7. Post the page you made for your buddy, along with credits, in the Photo Swap Gallery.
    8. We've had GREAT participation in prior photo swaps! We'd love to keep it going and have even more sign up this time! BUT...please don't sign up if you won't be able to complete a page for your partner by May 27.
    9. If you don't get an initial response from your buddy by PM - let me know.

    Feel free to contact me with any other questions/problems and most importantly - HAVE FUN!

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    I will continue to edit this entry to keep a running tally of which community members have signed up!

    Please let me know if you do not see your name on the list, as I don't want to leave anyone out!

    Jenelle (js_74)
    Connie (scullen2)
    Joanne (jcaruth910)
    Beckie (mungerre)
    Arte (artebanale)
    Kim (KimR+)
    Liz (lizziet5)
    Sandy (Grandy924)
    Kelly (mugsbigsis)
    Amy (mymalloryboys)
    Sandy (wvsandy)
    Linda (earlofoxford)
    Georgina (georgeinci)
    Susan (home in ottawa)
    Carolynn (mamabean)
    Chrissy (kikimama)
    Liz (lizj)
    Angela (ang66)
    Nancy (Nancy Beck)
    Dawnee (Dawneephay)
    Charlie (Charlie Chops)
    Trace (Tracermajig)
    Heather (schnerbear)
    Sharon (justbnsharon)
    Julie (MaggieMae)
    Heidi (anxela)
    Mary (Mary Rogers)
    Debbie (dfwest)
    Jane (Jane_Bond7)
    Lacey (laceybittner)
    Katie (katie pertiet)
    Kathleen (kathleen.summers)
    Julie (Julie DeGuia)
    Steph (Steph)

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    Absolutely, sign me up! Thanks for hosting Jenelle!

  4. Jenelle..... sign me up! I love the photo swap!!!! Thanks for hosting it!!!
    Debbie Douglas aka Minideb
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    Sign me up, Jenelle and thanks for hosting!

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    This is one of my favorite events! Sign me up please!

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    Me too! It will be my very first time - I'm so excited!

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    I'm in!! So excited to see who I get paired up with this time!! (Now I need to get caught up on a few other things before the list is posted) EEK!
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    Hi Jenelle! Please sign me up!

    My gear: Nikon D5000
    Software: PSE 7

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    Suburban Chicago
    Sign me up please. It was fun last time!

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    I can't believe this will be my 4th time! Thanks for hosting and sign me up please! :O)

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    Yay! I am excited about the photo swap! Please sign me up!!!
    Amy Mallory


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    Sign me up, please!

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    This is such a fun activity -- count me in!

    My gear: Nikon D700; 24-70mm 2.8; 70-200mm 2.8; 105mm 2.8; 50mm 1.4; 150-500mm 5-6.3
    My software: Photoshop CC on a PC; Lightroom 5.2; ACDSee 17

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    Im in! I so love this challenge - such a fun, favourite of mine!
    My camera: Canon 5D Mark II
    Lenses: 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.8
    Software: PSE 7 and Lightroom 3.7

  16. I'm in! Thanks for organizing, Jenelle!!

  17. Hey Jenelle, trying to PM you, but your inbox is full. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by home in ottawa View Post
    Hey Jenelle, trying to PM you, but your inbox is full. Thanks.
    Sorry Susan! I have cleared my inbox, but now it seems yours is full! We're playing tag I think

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    I'm in!!! LOVE this challenge!!!

    My camera: Canon EOS 1000D
    My lenses: f/1.8 50mm, 18-55mm
    My software: Lightroom 4, PSE 9

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    I'd love to join in!
    Chrissy x

    My software: PSE 12 for Mac, run on my Macbook Pro!, yay!
    My camera: Canon EOS 600D or still my trusty IXUS 950IS ( though it clunks a lot opening its shutter), or more likely my iPhone 4S

    My blog

  21. I'm in! Thanks for hosting again!

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    Count me in!! Love this challenge!!

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    Overland Park, Ks.
    You can count me in too, Janelle!

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    Please include me! me! me!
    Happy Scrappin!

    Constantly using:

    Designer Digitals Products! Woo Hoo
    Canon Rebel T3i/600D
    Olympus E500
    Photoshop CS5, Wacom tablet, ACDSee14
    Scanner, Family Tree Maker
    Posed Grandchildren
    Unposed animals
    Uncooperative Adult Children
    Computer Platform: PC (and I built it myself!!)

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    Please could I join in too?

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    Please count me in, Jenelle!

  27. i'd love to play along!

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    I considered sitting this one out - a bit low on mojo lately. But how could I pass up on the fun?! Count me in!!!
    aka - justbnsharon
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    Is it too late to sign in - I've been having computer problems!!!?

  30. I'd like to join in again but I won't have internet access except through my MiFi after the 17th and that means no downloading or uploading if I'm going to be able to use it for internet access for the next four weeks! I'll definitely join in again next time though. Have fun and I look forward to seeing all of the layouts!

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