Hey everybody!
I'm really new here and still feel "new" in digi world. I live in Poland, near Cracow in small, but very famous (because of fantastic, old sald mine - placed on the original UNESCO list of the World Heritage Sites) city - Wieliczka.
I used to be a "real" scrapbooker, but few months ago I turned to a digital site of scrapbooking. I still feel like a traitor, but this is stronger then me I still make real peaces but digi world is so fascinating - I can't resist!
I'm 42 and I work as a pharmacist.
It seems to be a great adwenture to become a part of such a fantastic and so creativ community You make here. I love your projects so much!
I'm a little bit nervous because of my english, and a little bit embarrassed, because I still feel beginner in digi.
At the same time I'm so exited!!!
Arte Banale