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Thread: Portable Photo Storage Device

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    Portable Photo Storage Device


    I was wondering if any of you have used portable photo storage devices rather than memory cards for your dslr's when travelling? My husband and I both have dslr's and want to shoot in raw when we travel. As we take a lot of photos, this will entail a lot of memory cards. My husband's camera will especially use a lot of memory cards because he is using a full frame camera. I was looking at portable storage devices that simply store the photos - no viewing, editing. The cost of these devices is about $150. versus $30 per 32 mg memory card. Your thoughts/experience with this? My fear is that I will download the pics to the device and then erase them from the memory card and something will happen to the portable storage device and I will lose all those pics. Murphy's Law.


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    I'll be interested in this thread too, looking forward to hearing some thoughts.

    I saw a link on the digi show recently to an apple iPad/ camera connector which got me interested. But if you shoot in raw you probably wouldn't have enough space on your iPad to store the photos.

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    We traveled overseas for 5 weeks last year and I uploaded photos from my SD card every night to my macbook that we took along as well. Of course it depends on where you're traveling and how. I had to unpack it every time we went through airport security etc but I'm still really pleased we took it. I had enough SD cards that I also left the photos on them so effectively I had 2 copies, but I also took a small ehd that I could have put another copy on had I needed to. I'd be a bit paranoid if I couldn't 'see' my photos on a device before deleting them off SD cards though. I don't shoot in raw but still managed to accumulate about 20GB of photos from that trip. I've now got a full frame camera and I'd do it the same way if I traveled again. We had an ipad with us too which was the perfect thing for emails and travel info. I don't know anything about icloud and other such wonders so they could be worth looking into. Also, a family member puts photos onto dropbox which I think you can pay more for to get a bigger capacity.

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    When I travel I always carry my laptop! Always!
    So, after a day of sightseeing or whatever, I transfer all my photos to the harddrive on my laptop AND to a small EHD I use when traveling. This makes me feel quite secure. Having my laptop AND an EHD fail at the same time seems highly unlikely...
    If I have internet-connection, I also upload my jpegs to Flickr right away! I ususally start my upload as we are going out to dinner and let it run it's course while I'm enjoying myself elsewhere!
    But I also carry many memory cards... If I don't have to use them again, I don't, but leave my photos on them until I get home.

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    Thanks everybody. I like to travel light so carrying the laptop is not the option for me. I've been reading some reviews of the less expensive portable storage devices and they're not great. As i was hoping for a less expensive alternative to memory cards, it seemed like an option. However, I've decided it's not worth it to save a few bucks and possibly lose photos of that "trip of a lifetime". Guess I'll suck it up and buy the memory cards. They're reusable and we'll have them for a while so not a bad investment.



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