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Thread: Where would you buy a lens from?

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    Where would you buy a lens from?

    I finally have enough money saved to buy the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 vr2 len and lucky for me it is on sale. My question, is one online store better to buy from then another? I'm looking at B&H, Adorama, and Amazon?
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    I think all three are great options. I have used all three. With Amazon I would just say make sure you look at the particular seller if it isn't directly coming from Amazon. I have nothing but high praise for all three

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    ditto what Jen said

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  4. I have purchased a couple of lens from B&H and thought them to be top notch. I've never bought camera equipment from Amazon or Adorama.

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    I buy from Amazon because I have a Prime account and get shipping in two days without charge - other than the annual fee.

    I have bought from B&H also and Adorama, too.

    Just get the best price, best shipping and best tax (NONE) from one of them and you should be good.

    And HOW EXCITING about the new lens. Congrats.
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    Wow! How exciting! You will rock that lens. Do you have it yet?

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    So exciting!! A agree with Jen! All of the above are great choices! Out of these three I've only purchased from Amazon. I too have prime!! One lens I was so excited to get, I even paid the $3.99 to get it the next day!!!
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    Thanks everyone, I ended up buying my lens from Adorama. The free things thrown in was the desiding factor. Besides getting a few Tiffen filters, they also threw in an Expodisc. It is a neutral filter for setting white balance.
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    that sounds awesome, Connie. I have that lens and I love it!

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  11. Great lens! I learned the hard way recently when I tried to save a little money on my new 24-70 f/2.8. Ended up getting scammed by a Brooklyn company, returned my lens to them immediately on receipt (because I realized after it was shipped that I was dealing with a disreputable company) and ordered it from B&H who delivered promptly and without any problems. Still waiting on my refund from the scammer company. Glad you had a good experience!

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