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Thread: New here and to the craft

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    New here and to the craft

    Hi! I am just getting into scrap booking after the birth of my son. My mother in law happily gave me access to some of her paper supplies, but I find it is difficult with a baby to get everything like I want it. I have little bits everywhere! I am exploring the option of digital scrap booking and am looking for advice. I haven't even decided on what software I am going to get . I am leaning toward pse though. I have family that can help me with learning that one.

    Anywho... Nice to meet y'all.
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    PSE is the perfect choice! Welcome to DD, hope to see some pages from you soon!

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    Welcome! You came to the right place for help. This community is a helpful lot I would say that if you have family that is familiar with PSE I say go for it! I would venture it is the software most used for digital scrapbooking.

    Plus, the store is packed full of helpful tutorials that will help you along the way!

    This is the one I started with ... way back when

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    Welcome to DD -- with a new baby, you'll love the efficiency of digital scrapping. There's no mess to clean up; just close the application and you're done. I started with PSE; it's a great program. Looking forward to seeing your pages in the gallery.

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    Welcome to DD! My son is almost 8 months old so I'm right there with you and digi is definitely the way to go!
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    Welcome! What an exciting time to get into scrapbooking. I second (or third or fourth) PSE, it's what I've been using since I started.

    I started digital for the same reason, when my daughter was starting to walk, she was getting into my scissors and tape and stuff, and as a family we could never have dinner together because our only table was always covered with my paper supplies. That and I got tired of running out of adhesive at midnight!

    Welcome, and I hope you make a decision and get on your way to some beautiful digital pages.
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    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your pages in the gallery!

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    Hello and welcome, welcome!

    Advantages of digital over paper scrapping:
    1. Instant gratification when buying supplies. Simply download from the store 24/7 when you need something.
    2. No mess to pick up and put away to keep from little hands or when company is coming!
    3. Once you get the hang of it, it really is quicker to create pages digitally. You can keep them simple or get as fancy as you like.
    4. There are templates you can buy and use that speed up the process of creating pages or even whole albums.
    5. Concentrate on capturing all the memories with your camera instead of cutting, gluing, cleaning up, etc.
    6. Lots of tutorials to help you learn PSE.
    7. and, if you really miss paper scrapping, you can make hybrid pages that include both mediums. Digital designs can be printed out on your home printer to use on paper pages.

    Jump right in and start! We're all here to help and cheer for you, too!

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    Welcome! You've chosen the right place to get started! Just give a yell if you're stuck on anything. We're all glad to help. I look forward to seeing your first pages!
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    Welcome to DD! Congrats on your new addition!

    There are definite advantages to digital over traditional with a small child in the house. I did traditional when my kids were small. I remember once when my son got into a few pages. I caught him pretty quickly, but not before he turned his "first year" page into a "first ear" page.

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    Welcome to DD and congratulations on that baby This is a good time to start, you sure want to preserve those memories. Believe me, the years just fly by and they will be teenagers! I started out with paper myself and I still have an attic room full of supplies, a total mess, believe me
    Once I found digital scrapping, there was no turning back for me. I love the easy access, the fact that I can do it while talking to my kids, sitting at the same table, no messes, no bulky pages, it's just perfect!
    I hope you will join us, this is a great community, it's become my second family in a way, so stick around and share

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    Welcome and you have definitely come to the right place. The member's here are so helpful and the inspiration in the gallery is just awesome. PSE is probably the best software to use for this craft as most tutorials are geared towards this software or the full version of PS. Digi is far better than paper scrapping as you can use your supplies over an over and change the color is needed. Good luck.

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    Congratulations on the little one - You will love digital scrapbooking its a perfect way to remember all those fantastic .... and not so fantastic moments that you will laugh about years later....welcome you have came to the right place.... and during the quarterly sale everything is on sale to get started!!!
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    Welcome to DD! I started scrapping after my daughter was born, it is a fun hobby. I did paper for a couple of years, but love digi now for its ease of fitting in with family. I can save a half-finished page and go back to it later without having to place it very carefully up high where little hands can't get to it!

    I'd go with PSE too, you can try the 30 day trial first and see how it suits you, and ask any questions you need, we're a friendly, helpful bunch here.
    Chrissy x

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    Welcome! You will find this such a rewarding craft, and well digi is just so clean and tidy which is why I love it.

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    Welcome! I wish I had started out doing digi when I had my first baby. It is so much easier and efficient and no mess! You've come to the right place. We were all newbies once so please shout out if we can help with anything

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    Welcome to DD!!! I use PSE and it's perfect for digi scrapping!! You will find everything you need here.......from amazing products, help, advice and tutorials, right through to a gallery bursting with beautiful inspiration!!!!

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    Welcome welcome!! You have definately come to the right place!! I see you've been linked up to some great tutorials...the ones that got me started too!! I started digi scrapping after my second was born. She'd sleep right by me while I scrapped! There are SO many benefits to digi!! Easy clean up! Use the same thing multiple times! Easy undo!! (No more "oops, I cut that wrong) shop from your own home. Everything is stored on the computer, rather than an entire room. Scrapbooks aren't bulky like the traditional ones....they actually close I could go on!

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    Welcome, and looking forward to "seeing" you in the gallery! I wish I had started with digi, because I have soo many paper supplies laying around, that I will never use and digi is so much faster and cleaner!

    I'm with JenD, I started with that tutorial too and haven't looked back. It's easy to follow and very user friendly. Good luck and have fun, and remember there is no "stupid" questions!... When I first started, I didn't even know how to download and open the digi files, so ask away if you have any questions, everyone is very friendly and helpful here!



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