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Thread: Manual and Auto...... I am confused

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    Manual and Auto...... I am confused

    Yes I am totally confused. I have assumed that I am shooting Auto. Typically I have camera on Aperture priority, I select f stop then adjust ISO and exposure compensate as required. I have been reluctant to move to Manual (M on Nikon camera) because I think I'd miss shots if trying to play around to get a shutter speed to work with the aperture that I have selected.

    I now have a new camera and it has an Auto selection on the dial (my previous 2 cameras have not had this). In this selection everything is done, you just shoot. I tried this a couple of days ago when not feeling well thinking it may be good but frankly it drove me up the wall as I could not exposure compensate. I now shoot on new camera as I have always done.

    Which brings me to the question. What is shooting "manual"? And have I been shooting manual all along???

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    I'm on a Canon Carolyn and I thought I was being really clever switching my dial from Auto mode to Aperture Priority mode recently. I thought I was shooting manual, but I think that is considered Auto as well!!

    Interested to hear other responses...

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    I was told in a photography class I took (eons ago) that anytime you take it off the Auto mode, you are now shooting in manual. When you have to choose any of the different settings if even just the ISO, you have taken the choice away from the camera itself and you are in control.

    Let's just say that I'm STILL trying to figure out the best shooting mode (and white balance to boot!)

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    Most photography classes tell you that when you move to AV or P you are now off Auto. :O) Like you said, you are able to select your f stop and adjust your iso. If you are doing the selecting to get the settings you want then you are not in auto. M is full auto mode. This is where you are in full control. You do beautiful work, Carolyn. You just keep doing what you're doing and move onward from there. :O)

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    Manual is usually where you dial all your settings in, f-stop, shutterspeed and ISO. A and S (on my Nikon) are the half-manual options If you dial in the aperature and your speed is being chosen for you, it's not considered completely manual I believe...

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    M is manual only. The others are, as the ladies said, priority modes but not manual. However, my camera doesn't have an "auto" on the dial but a green square, which is, in fact, auto. In that mode I can do absolutely no adjusting to anything concerning the exposure triangle. I wouldn't worry about it! I leave mine on auto most of the time when I'm outside.
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    I understand auto, as well as the priority modes, but what is "P"??

    I went from shooting auto on my old point and shoot directing to M (fully manual) on my new Canon.
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    Yep what they said. I've always considered the green square as auto. It was a happy day indeed when I went off the green square!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blhdvm View Post
    I understand auto, as well as the priority modes, but what is "P"??

    I went from shooting auto on my old point and shoot directing to M (fully manual) on my new Canon.
    In Program Mode you control your ISO, flash, and focus points. I guess you could say it is a nice mid-point between auto (camera chooses everything) and shutter priority, aperature priority, and manual.

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    Thanks Carol. That one just didn't make sense to me.
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    i went from 100% auto to 100% manual (except for the focus). when i am in a place i want to shoot, i usually get my settings in my "standard" with aperture >2.8 and shutter speed 125 or more and adjust the iso accordingly.
    from there i only adjust the shutter speed if i have to because of lighting situation changing.
    it really is quite the same like any priority mode, because i usually change only one thing (shutter speed).

    also i shoot raw (i think you do, too carolyn) and this way i can still adjust a few stops in acr.
    i feel quite safe in manual mode and now am learning to use the focus points, which is fabulous in settings where there is lots of clutter in the room and low lighting.
    but that is off topic... ;-)
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