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Thread: french girl from Barcelona

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    french girl from Barcelona

    Hello everyone !

    My name is Nedjma, I'm an elementary school teacher in a french school in Barcelona. I started scrapbooking a while ago then got interested with digital scrapbooking, for different reasons : the use of items is limitless, the items are cheaper, you only need a computer and a photo editor program and most of all I got to keep my desk always neat, hehe !
    I discovered DesignerDigitals through Ali Edwards blog and as I really liked her handwriting started to purchase some of her wordart items in the store.
    I consider myself more as a beginner in digital scrap ; I love to add wordarts to my photos or layouts and I always try to make my digital layouts look like real paper layout, at least I try...
    Thank you for reading me and in advance I apologise for my mistakes and my lack of english vocabulary.
    See you around !

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    Hello there, Nedjma, it's so nice to meet you Being in a french school in Barcelona must be heaven!! I totally agree with you on your reasons for digi scrapping, having paper scrapped in the past, I really appreciate the neatness. I hope you will share some of your creations with us! (oh and your english is just fine!!)

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    Hi Nedjma and welcome. I too was a paper scrapper and was very frustrated when I would make a mistake (a mistake in my opinion). Now I can undo as much as I want. I also love that you can change the color to match what you need. I have so much more fun digi scrapping than paper scrapping. All of the talented creative team members give me plenty of inspiration and ideas to scrap, so I think you have found the right community. Everyone here is willing to answer any questions that I have or help me in any way.

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    Thank you so much for welcoming me so nicely ! I totally agree with you Anke and Ryanhannah. The neatness of the table or the space we gain is much appreciated and the fact that we can change the colors to match our photo for instance is really an amazing tool and to be able to undo anything without having to throw it away or to put an item anywhere we like to is really handy.
    Oh and yes Anke our work conditions are pretty nice here in Barcelona, but what I appreciate most is the warm weather that we have along the year.
    I think, I'm a bit lost in the forum, as I found it a but hard to find the members gallery and finally upload a layout. But eventually I made it though, I think...
    I'm looking forward to meet new scrapbookers and be inspired by their work.

  5. Wonderful first LO, Nedjma! Welcome to DD!

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    Welcome to DD, Nedjma! I was also a paper scrapper before I discovered the wonder and beauty of scrapping digitally. I've never looked back! And I have to tell you -- when we visited Spain, Barcelona was my favorite place. I loved the wide boulevards and the cosmopolitan air of the city.

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    Thanks a bunch home in Ottawa !
    It is indeed a wonderful place to visit and to live in ; very modern in its architecture and dynamic by its young and fiesta lovers people, Earlofoxford.

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    Welcome, Nedjma! So nice of you to introduce yourself. I know you're going to love it here in this wonderful community. :O)

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    Thank you mugsbigsis for your warm welcome !

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    Welcome to the best site for help and inspiration... the women here are so supportive and helpful... ask and they respond... I have been absent with pages this year but always check in to see what this very special community is doing... enjoying the fun Nedjma...

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    Welcome Nedjma! It is great that you are here and posting too. :-)

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    Welcome! This is a wonderfully supportive comminity with plenty of inspiration.

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    Oh thank you so much !! The gallery members are fantastic for inspiration, I really feel like a beginner when I see what the members achieve. Thanks again for your welcome and I won't hesitate to ask for help if needed.

  14. Welcome, welcome to you, Nedjma! I'm glad you found us through Ali Edwards wonderful word art. Once upon a time long ago I was an elementary teacher, too. I started digital scrapping about the time my first grandchild was born. I am retired and now have 3 grandsons. I love digital scrapping because it gives me a creative outlet and, like you, I think it is great that my desk remains tidy while I scrap!

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    Thank you Digigrandma for your sweet welcome ! I remember looking for ideas for my class on internet when I stumbled upon scrapbook layouts, that's how it all started. After that I digged a bit more and discovered scrapbook artists and I got hooked pretty fast by their amazing layouts on their blogs.
    In France many scrapbookers are teachers !

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    I saw your first post. You are doing an amazing job for having just begun! I can't wait to see more from you!

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    Welcome welcome!! You have come to the right place for help, inspiration, designs and friendship!! Digi is the best!! It's an easy clean up and the storage is great!! I no longer need a "scrapbooking"room!! Looking forward to getting to know you and seeing your pages!! Let us know if you have any questions!
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    great to have you here, Nedjma!
    im from germany & just like you i found the dd community with the help of Alis blog. this is a wonderful place. in the beginning i found it pretty difficult to understand how everything works here (the blog, the gallery, the forum). but everyone is supportive & all question find their answers.


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    Thank you so much for all your warm welcome and support ! It's a relief to read you Maruma and to see that I'm not the only one who's had troubles finding one's way through the forum.
    I was actually wondering if there was another way to access the gallery members (which I'm sure there is, and I probably came across it but didn't see it) instead of clicking randomly onto anyone's gallery, because that's what i did yesterday to be able to upload my layout.
    Nancy, I'm so glad that you liked my first layout !

  20. Nedjma, to access the gallery, click on "ideas" in the top tool bar, that will take you to the main index page. Scroll down and there is a heading labelled "categories" if you click on "Member Galleries" you can then look through all of the galleries, or select a letter to view only the galleries of members whose screen name begins with that letter. If you wish to look at all project 365, or PL posts, or any other specific gallery, you can select that category. Hope that helps!

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    Oh yes very much so ! Thank you Home in Ottawa !!

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    Nice to meet you. You will love it here - super friendly people, tons of inspiration and just plain fun!
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    Thank you blhdvm !

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    Hello, nice to meet you! I'm a french digi scrapper, so happy to found digital scrap, never go back to paper scrap I think. You will love to be here, you will find inspiration, help, advice and more in this friendly community.

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    Hello and welcome. I am fairly new here also and have found an immense amount of inspiration and other scrappers to share with. I love the challenges and the store is chock full of beautiful things to create with. Welcome ,am looking forward to seeing your creations!!

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    It's really a great forum, I see people from all over the world, it's really exciting ! Thank you for nice welcome !

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    I saw once a post about how to link the supplies to the DD store using an excel file I think but I can't seem to find it anymore. A little help on this would be much appreciated !

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    Quote Originally Posted by indiana View Post
    I saw once a post about how to link the supplies to the DD store using an excel file I think but I can't seem to find it anymore. A little help on this would be much appreciated !
    Here you go: Linking Supplies and welcome (I'm a tad late!) to DD!

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    Thank you for your help !

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    Welcome Nedjma! I am one who said I would never go to digital and I have never looked back!! For all the reasons mentioned above! Oh and your English is better than my French!

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