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Thread: PhotoShop World Conference

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    Wink PhotoShop World Conference

    Just finished a LO for my trip to Boston and wanted to share.

    I'm still going through my notes and "stuff" to post some tips if I ever get it together, hard to leave and come back sometimes. I wanted to plug my friend Jack's tutorials (not that he needs plugging) because they are REALLY informative, plus the whole SoftwareCinema line is fantastic. Most of these instructors were there so it will be like you were there too. Here's the link if you are interested:


    Hope it was okay to post a thread here Heidi????

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    johannesburg, south africa
    well I really wish it was a WORLD tour ..... I am on the other side of the world cos they look excellant .

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    I wouldn't be surprised if they did head over closer to you in the near future. They never did the East coast until last year and then they came back this year. I'll ask Jack to see how close they get to South Africa and let you know if they plan going out of the US. I know NAPP host photo shoots worldwide, and the independant instructors do to. I'll try to find out for you.

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    Here is another great link for photographers, Jack does a tutorial on Camera Raw here too. The classes are interactive, so you get feed back on what you've shot. Hope this helps Sam and who ever wants to learn even more!



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