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Thread: New from Nebraska!

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    New from Nebraska!

    I have been here and posting for a few weeks but thought I would formally introduce myself here! My name is Lacey Bittner and I am from rural Nebraska! I have been married 10 years and have two boys Aidan 5 and Landon 2 who are the inspiration for my scrapping and who I also think are the cutest kids around lol.

    I love to scrapbook, craft, and read. I tried my hand in digital scrapbook designing for a while but found it was a lot of work and I would much rather spend my time scrapbooking! I work for my best friend, who is a photographer, helping her out at her studio by designing cards, albums, etc. I also have a photography template shop at Etsy. And I scrap for others (paper scrapping) and do medical transcription very part time.

    I have been a paper scrapper for about 10 years and teach classes and design page kits for a local store. I am really finding that I am getting tired of all the mess that is involved with paper scrapping and decided to try out Project Life this year all digitally and so far I am loving it and loving it here at Designer Digitals! Who knows, maybe soon I will jump on the all-digital bandwagon!!

    Thanks for being so welcoming here at DD!

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    I just saw your other post and again, I am very happy to see you join us. I used to be a paper scrapper as well and I still have a room filled with supplies I haven't had the heart to get rid of I might still make the occasional card but that's it. You sound like you are one busy lady, good for you. What a fun way to make some money!!
    Welcome to DD, I hope to see a lot more of your creations!!

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    Welcome to DD, Lacey! I'm a former paper scrapper, also, but would never go back. Love being able to just close everything down and not have to pick up the mess!

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    Welcome! I was a paper scrapper, too. Once I started digital, I never looked back. I think it was because I could share m pages so easily with my family. Look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery. If you have any question, make sure and ask. Everyone here is extremely helpful!

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    Welcome Lacey....I too had been a paper scrapper for almost 30 yrs.....but went digital almost 5 yrs ago and will never look back. Paper was too expensive, messy and took up too much room. Randy and Katie provide a wonderful platform so we can all satisfy our needs!! I look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery.
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    I started paper scrapping before paper scrapping existed - and I still have a few projects to finish. But once I found digital I've not papered at all! Welcome to DD I'm sure you will feel at home in no time!

    BTW - I used to live in south west Nebraska and it sure was rural out that way!!! But there are things I miss about it and small town living!
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    I'm so happy you made your way to this part of the forum! It's so fun leading more about the community members! Sounds like you sure stay busy!! Looking forward to more of your pages!
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    Welcome! Your story is very similar to mine---I got tired of the waste, the mess, and particularly the expense of paper scrapping. That and the brick and mortar scrapbook store in my town closed down back in 2005 or so. My daughter was just really starting to get herself into trouble when I converted to digital, I was always scared she'd hurt herself with paper cutters and scissors and such. Though I should have been more concerned about hurting myself!

    My husband lived in Fullerton NE for two years way back when, his dad was involved somehow in the missile silos or something vague like that.

    So glad you're here.
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    Wow it is crazy how a few of you are from Nebraska or know someone who lived here! Fullerton is only 15 miles from where I live and my boys will be going to school there when we build our new house! Crazy!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by laceybittner View Post
    Wow it is crazy how a few of you are from Nebraska or know someone who lived here! Fullerton is only 15 miles from where I live and my boys will be going to school there when we build our new house! Crazy!!
    I don't know if it's grown up at all since he lived there (early 80s) but he remembers driving two hours to Omaha to get to the commissary. I have never been there . . . Kansas is as far north as I've ventured (not counting Chicago).
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  11. Hi and welcome!!

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  12. Welcome! Nice to see you!

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    Welcome! I was a paper scrapper too... for over 10 years. But, then late one night I was up feeding a little one when an infomercial came on and turned my world upside down! I had a whole scrapping room... it was whisked away with a few garage sales and I have been 100% digi every since

    I don't miss the mess and I don't miss the guilt of looking at supplies that cost too much money to actually use :P

    I have enjoyed your Project Life pages... it is my favorite project!

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    Welcome Lacey! So glad you introduced yourself. I think you'll love it here. :O)

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    Lovely to read all about you! You sound so busy! So glad you've jumped on board

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    Welcome Lacey! I have enjoyed seeing your PL pages in the gallery! I too have a room full of paper supplies I haven't had the heart to get rid of, but can't see myself using them again.... It won't take long to become addicted and move to the "dark side" for good! LOL

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    welcome to DD Lacey! you have landed in a wonderful community; ENJOY!

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    I think a lot of us started out as paper scrappers, and then made the switch. This place is wonderful! Welcome!
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    Another former paper scrapper here - it was a short lived affair before I was rescued by the digi world! Welcome! x
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    Welcome, Lacey! I am also a former paper scrapper. So glad you have joined us here at will love it! Looking forward to seeing more of your pages in the Gallery.

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  21. Welcome Lacey have fun learning all the fun things about digital and using both methods in whatever you choose to do!!!
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