Hi everyone,

Ive posted a few threads on here and got a couple of pages up but hadnt gotten around to saying hi yet.

So yeah... Im Penny, 27 from the UK. Joined the site in 2010 and its taken me this long to finally get something started :/ I finished my first project 365 this year, (well I will have by Jan) and i've been trying to scrap it and find my style after failing my first attempt in 2010. I then discovered project life and found the idea amazing and easier to get my head around. Was still struggling until I found all of Katie's amazing designs, her stuff is definitely more my style and without her products and layouts i'd probably still be stuck, so a huge thanks to her

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me out in a thread or made a comment on one of my pages, the help, kind words and encouragement have really helped me along and now lately all I wanna do is scrap im loving it so much

Have a good Christmas everyone

Penny xx