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Thread: Hello again!

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    Hello again!

    I figured I'd pop in and say "hello again!" I've been absent for quite a long time while trying to catch up with life, and I've missed you all! I've been lurking in the background from time to time, and, as ever, I'm amazed at how wonderful everyone is here! The support, encouragement, and friendliness is so appreciated, and it makes DD one special place!

    I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know you all! Here's a little bit more about me, in case you're curious:

    I am a portrait photographer by profession, and I adore it! My husband and I are moving in a little over 2 weeks to New York for his job, and we couldn't be more excited to start fresh! With him being in the military, it's been hard to settle down and really get to know people, but this new position means we will be in one place for at least 4 years--such a blessing! We are originally from California, so being in New York will take us even further from our family, but we are in our early 20s and we don't have kids yet (if you don't count our sweet puppies ), so we thought that now would be the perfect opportunity to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity while we are still young.

    I'm currently working on a scrapbook that I started in 2008 of my relationship of my now-husband, from when we first started dating until the day we were married in 2009. It was originally a paper scrapbook, but once I discovered digital, I knew there was no going back!

    Digital scrapbooking has always been a love of mine, even though I'm still new at it. I have experience with Photoshop, so that's been helpful while I learn. It's been such a blessing to look at everyone's amazing work and get inspiration. BIG thanks to Katie and the rest of the DD creators. Your products are the best there is, and I'm totally hooked!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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    So nice to get to know you a bit. I am looking forward to seeing your pages in the gallery. What a wonderful opportunity to move to New York. I would love to travel to New York one day...
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    What exciting times for you!! You will LOTS of things to play with and scrap in your advertures!
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    Welcome back!!! Good luck with the move.......looking forward to seeing more of your pages (and you're right, the products here are the BEST!!) x

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    Welcome back!

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  6. Welcome back! I'm glad you told us more about yourself.

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    Welcome back!!! Your adventure to NYC will be exciting, I am sure!! Can't wait to get to know you better!

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    What adventures lay ahead for you and your hubby!!! All the best for your move and we hope to see more of you and your pages around here

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    Your life sounds so exciting! What a great time to be documenting in a scrapbook. So glad to have you here!

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    Thanks, everyone! You're all so kind!!

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    Welcome back!! Wonderful to read a bit about you. Looking forward to seeing pages from your scrapbook!



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