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Thread: Going to Costa Rica, anything I HAVE to do there?

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    Going to Costa Rica, anything I HAVE to do there?

    Hubby and I are leaving for Costa Rica on Mon. We will be staying on the west side of the island, we fly into Liberia airport. Anybody been there and have any recommendations of what to see and do? I love waterfalls and would love to see the rainforest. TIA

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    So very jealous!! I have never been to Costa Rica!!check out "yelp" and see if there are some good suggestions in there!! We love to snorkel, so that's one thing I would suggest!! Take lots of pictures!
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    I haven't visited Costa Rica, so I have no advice to share -- just wanted to wish you a safe and wonderful trip. Looking forward to your pictures!

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    Wishing you wonderful travels to Costa Rica, Jane. Wish I had advice to share!

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    I wanted to wish you a wonderful trip Jane! I have not been there personally...but my sister and her family have gone several times and loved the zip lining! I can't wait to see pictures!

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    Costa Rica is beautiful Jane! There is so much to do there! We went about six years ago so I don't remember everything we did but we stayed outside Liberia too at Ocotal which was spectacular. We took a boat trip in Palo Verde National Park - so much wildlife to see. We rented a car and took a day trip to the Monte Verde Cloud Forest which was an amazing rain forest walk, but did take a long time to drive there. I don't know if the road conditions have improved in CR but when we were there the only main paved road was the Pan American Highway. Most of the rest of the roads (except around resorts) were dirt with potholes a foot deep and rocks a foot above the road! It took us about three hours to drive 45 km! We took another day trip to Rincon de la Vieja (road was better there) which is a volcanic park that has lots of bubbling mud pools, waterfalls, etc. and lots of wildlife too. Each trip was amazing in its own way, very scenic and different. If you want any surfing, kite boarding type activities, Tamarindo Beach is a great place to go - gorgeous beach and lots happening. We wanted to go to Arenal Volcano which is the most famous around there but there are fairly frequent mudslides which close the road.

    Hope you have a great trip! We're hoping to go there again in the spring next year so you'll have to update me when you get back!

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    What a wonderfulrip trip that's going to be! I've never been there but I look forward to seeing your photos when you get back!
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    I've been to Costa Rica a couple of times and I have a laundry list of suggestions for you. Let me gather my notes and send you a pm, 'k? Where exactly will you be staying and how many days will you be there? Will you be renting a car? Do you plan to stay in the same place for the duration of your stay, or will you be traveling to different locations?

    I ask 'cause when DH and I travel, we generally have no real plan as to what we'll do when we get someplace. We rent a car and then flip a coin to decide if we'll drive clockwise or counterclockwise around a country; we end up staying in a place for two or three days before moving on. If you guys will be in the same hotel for the duration of your stay, I'll tailor my must-see list to places you can get to from where you'll be.
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    Oh - I'm so jealous. We were there last year for a family vacation. If you are in the rainforest, do a night tour. It is AMAZING all the things you see right outside of your resort. If you like to fish, sail fishing can be be really fun. It's catch and release, but you can get some awesome photographs. We also 4-wheeled throughout the mountains/jungle - a little scary at times, but the kids LOVED it. Please pm me with any questions. Can't wait to see the pages you create on your return.

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    Colour me green and call me envious!

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    I'm with Carol... green with envy! I've never been either, but have many friends who have and they say it's a fantastic, wonderful vacation! One of my husband's friends from high school actually moved there about five years ago... he and his wife fell in love with the country after a few trips, so be careful... you might trade the cold north for the tropical islands! Safe travels and I can't wait to see your photos!

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    I spent a semester there during college and LOVED it! I think you will miss mango season (which my rec would be as many as you can...yum!) and I think you also may have *just* missed the time of the year when the sea turtles come to the western beaches to lay eggs, but it would be worth looking in to.
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    Thanks girls, for all your great info. Anybody I've talked to says it one of the most beautiful places they been. Soo looking forward to it!
    Yes, Heather I had heard that we will be missing mango season.... Too, bad when we were in Cuba, I didn't eat much else as the food wasn't that great. I absolutely love mangos! Someone I talked to saw the baby turtles being born and said it was one of the most amazing things they had ever seen.

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    Have a wonderful holiday, Jane!
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    I went many summers ago (maybe 5 or 6?), and there are two things I suggest, judging from what you said you wanted to do. Zip lining is amazing in Costa Rica, and would give you an excellent chance to see the rainforest, since you'll be right in the trees! I've never done anything more exhilarating or exciting. It was an amazing experience that I will never, ever forget!

    We also went horseback riding through some forest trails, which led to a hiking trail that went to a beautiful waterfall. It was a guided tour, and it was amazing, as well! I would do either again in a heartbeat!

    Have a GREAT trip!! How fun!! It's a great time of year to be going!

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    Have a fabulous time, Jane!

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