Our home in CT is about one hour outside of Manhattan. We got power back today, but the majority of our town is out of power and many trees are down. All three of our children live in Manhattan in the area still without power. My daughter needs to walk up 14 flights to her apartment and they all walk uptown for food, water, showers and power. We are not suffering. These are just inconveniences, but as I watch the local news, I am saddened at how this tragedy has struck so many lives.

They are still removing bodies from homes flooded on Staten Island. Many seniors are in high-rise buildings. They canít walk up 14 flights. They are stranded without food, water, power or heat and are just receiving help now. Many residents along the coast of NJ or Long Island have lost everything. Those areas will never be the same. My sister-in-law owns a home on Long Beach Island, NJ and still has no idea if the house is still standing.

Our youngest son, Brandon, works as an artistís assistant in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn. Itís an artistís community full of young entrepreneurs, cute stores, creative restaurants, galleries and studios. Red Hook sits on the NY Harbor with beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty. Itís been decimated by a 14-foot storm surge. Brandon has been working for months on paintings for the Bergdorf Goodman Christmas windows. At this point he has no idea of the condition of that artwork.

Itís not my nature to talk about myself or ask for help, but during this time of DDís Seven Days of Gratitude, I ask that you pray for and support all those in this area who are suffering more than I can even express.