that our high school guidance office has to act like you're asking them to dice a dozen onions when you request transcripts to be sent for college applications?

Isn't that their job? Don't they want their students to get into college?

What am I missing here?

Seriously I am having such a heck of a time. And then they say they sent them and a month later the college says they don't have them so I ask for a new copy so I can fed ex it. They tell me they've called the school and they do have it. So a week later her application still shows that they still don't have her transcripts and I call and they say no they don't have them and to resend. I call the school and I might as well have asked them to replicate the Mona Lisa. seriously. ugh.

And don't most kids apply to multiple schools? The thought of going thru this a few more times puts my stomach in knots.