I updated to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard. There have been a few glitches and changes, most of them I've been able to deal with.
But, I used to use the rss reader within the mail app., and Mountain Lion has now removed the rss reader. I figured out how to get my rss feeds back [you know, the blog/website address], but I also had a lot of saved articles that I'd never deleted because I'd want to go back to them. I know where they are on the hd but I can't open them/export them/whatever into a new rss reader!
[eg. a designer shares a scrapbooking technique on their blog - I wouldn't delete it from the rss reader so I could go back to it at a later date - sort of like a bookmark I guess].

Clear as mud!!!???

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or more importantly how to do it?
I've googled and trawled through the apple support forums, but can't find an answer.