My step-mom called yesterday and asked me to take their photos. I'm not a pro and don't feel like I'm very good. I would love to be a pro, but I don't feel like I have the personality for it. Setting up the shot with placing people seems very intimidating to me. To make it harder, my dad was in the military, so he doesn't smile in photos. EEK!

For the pros and amazing photographers out there, what do you suggest? I have three lenses (found in my siggie). I also know it depends on the shot, but what aperture should I shoot at? I don't want a batch of bad photos, nor do I want to waste their time, or mine!

Also, any great posing tips for a couple in their mid-early sixties?

I'm scared out of my mind. At least I'll be able to get them to look at the camera right?!?!