I placed an order on September 3rd for 6 books. 5 copies of one book, and 1 copy of another book. I received 3 copies of the first book on September 17th, and then the other 2 of the same book a week later, on the 24th.
Last Friday, the 21st, the 6th book was still "In Production". I sent an e-mail to customer services asking when it will ship out?
No answer.
2 days ago, the 26th, I sent another e-mail to customer services with the same question.
No answer.
Yesterday, the 27th, I got an e-mail asking me to take a survey about how I thought customer services handled my query...
I answered the query accordingly.
No reaction.

I decided to contact Shutterfly via their live chat - this is what was said just a couple of minutes ago:

Hitesh S.: Hi, my name is Hitesh S.. How may I help you?
Therese Holmqvist: I wonder when you will ship the last book in my order? Order #001032551898-7000212
Hitesh S.: I?ll be glad to assist you with the information, Therese.
Hitesh S.: Please give me a moment while I have check on it.
Hitesh S.: Thank you for your patience!
Hitesh S.: As I have checked it is an international order it takes 15-20 days ,however I would request you to wait till the estimate arrival of the order till 2nd October.
Therese Holmqvist: No no no! I've already received 5 of the 6 books! The last and 6th one is still "In Production" according to you!
Therese Holmqvist: Your system updates and tells the customer when the product is shipped, but this one is NOT! And the order was placed 25 days ago!
Hitesh S.: I would request you to wait till the estimate arrival 2nd October.
Therese Holmqvist: Where does it say that the last part of my order is estimated at october 2nd?
Hitesh S.: As I have checked the estimate arrival for the order is Between Sep 20, 2012 and Oct 2, 2012 , however if you don't receive the order you can contact us.
Therese Holmqvist: The order staus for my order on my order update-page says that shipment 2 and 3 are estimated between the dates you are stating, but they are already here!!! Shopment 4 says "In Production"!!! How can you tell me that book is shipped?
Hitesh S.: I can understand your frustration , however due to huge back log of orders last week we were little behind for shipping out the orders.
Therese Holmqvist: I ORDERED THIS SEPTEMBER 3RD!!! You can take my order, and you can take my money, but you can't give me real answers!!!
Therese Holmqvist: I've also sent two e-mails to customer service the last week, but NOBODY has gotten back to me at all! I'm beyond frustrated! I'm angry and I want my book to at least show as shipped!!
Hitesh S.: If you want I will go ahead and place the reorder for safer side.
Therese Holmqvist: I'm sorry - I don't know what you mean?
Hitesh S.: I will place the reorder for the photo book.
Therese Holmqvist: OK. So it's really not in production yet?
Hitesh S.: As I have checked the order was delayed ., however you will receive the order by Monday.
Therese Holmqvist: You will re-order the book and I will have the order by Monday? To Sweden?
Hitesh S.: I will not place the reorder I would request you to wait till Monday.
Therese Holmqvist: This is unbelievable... If I don't have this book by Monday, I'm taking this further. Thank you.
Hitesh S.: I understand how important it is for you to receive this item on time and I'm sorry you haven't received it yet.
Hitesh S.: According to the detail you should receive the order by Monday.
Hitesh S.: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Therese Holmqvist: I would like to receive that "detail", since my account does not tell me this. Can I get an e-mail confirming the shipping?
Hitesh S.: Unfortunates we do not have a tracking details for international orders.
Therese Holmqvist: But you have to have confirmation on the package leaving your facilities?
Hitesh S.: We understand your concern but unfortunately we do not have an tracking details for package.
Hitesh S.: I would request you to wait till Monday.
Therese Holmqvist: Thank you for absolutely nothing!
Hitesh S.: I am really sorry but you should receive the order till 2nd October.