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Thread: Drop shadow on a cut-out?

  1. Drop shadow on a cut-out?

    I hope this makes sense, but I'm trying to put a drop shadow on a layer that has a cut-out in it, showing the layer beneath. I'd like to put the drop shadow around the inner edges of the cut-out. Can anyone help me do this in Photoshop? Here's a screen shot what I'm trying to do:

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  2. Kelly, select the pink layer and apply a drop shadow.
    That will get at least 2 of the sides (and maybe 3, depending on your light angle.)

    If you don't want the shadow on the outer edges of the pink layer, you can create a new transparent layer under the pink layer and manually brush a shadow around the little box using a soft, round brush, blending mode and lowering the opacity.

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  3. Thanks, Sara -- I'll give that a shot!
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    Also try Inner Glow or Inner Shadow.... I'm not sure if they would work, as I've never tried them, but worth a shot..

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    I believe outer glow will work, too. I use outer glow rather than a drop shadow on almost everything these days. I like how it "shadows" all the edges, instead of just two like a drop shadow. With a cutout shape, those edges are technically now outer edges, so the outer glow will get those edges too. I have used this technique before on cutout lettering.

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    You could also try adding the drop shadow to the pink layer as Sara said ... then right click on the little fx sign on the right side of the layer ... choose "Make Layer" from the drop down menu which will put your drop shadow on it's own layer underneath the pink layer ... then you can just erase any shadowing that shows up where you don't want it and (again, as Sara said) brush on anything additional shadowing that you might want with a soft edged brush set at a low opacity.

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