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Thread: Project Life | Staying Motivated

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    Project Life | Staying Motivated

    There's a new Project Life blog post up on the DD blog: Project Life | Staying Motivated.

    Hop over to the blog and then come back here and let us know what helps you stay motivated!

    Our CT members are wonderful and I didn't have enough space to include everyone's advice so here's a little bit more wisdom:

    Kim said: "I am bad at keeping a journal. Photos and scrapbook pages are what I look at to remember what we did. I love how Project Life documents my entire week in one page. Project Life is also a great way to record those sad and bad moments that we would rather forget, but they too are a part of our lives that need to be documented.

    My girls love to see their faces on my pages!! I am eager for 2013 to be here so I can have my book printed. I'm looking forward to snuggling with my girls on the couch and thumbing through 52 weeks of memories together!"

    And Amy said: "Well my family knows that I am very far behind because of the busy schedule we have been having. BUT the boys still help me keep notes for project life. I have a file folder that screws into the wall just for PL. I love finding random bits in this file. Little notes that the boys have written to be included in PL. I will definitely be using these notes when I do have some time to catch up!"

    I love both of these!
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    Wonderful post on PL Steph! Your example spread looks great! I need to heed your advice and just take one bite at a time as I try to catch up!!! Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Great post Steph! I love your finished pages.
    Some thing I've changed in the past couple of weeks that is keeping me on task is less embellishments to my pages. I decided that adding less elements made it seem less daunting. I miss putting the fun stuff on my pages but that's usually what puts me behind. Instead I've been adding more personal info in my journaling because that's really what I will find important years down the road.
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    I'm with Jean...the 'turning point' in the year for me to consider it a fun project to complete rather than a deadline to meet was when I asked myself "how would I be doing this project hybrid?" My answer (to myself) was that I would play with pretty papers, stamps, and cool alphas and then fill the pages with WORDS. Add in some Ali wordart...and I love my pages now more than when I started. So now instead of trying to go crazy with extras, I treat myself to pretty new paper packs that go with my colors (I focus on one color each month) and stick to that.
    Also, I'm a motivated or not, I'm gonna stick to it. My creativity-killer is dreaming about all the changes I'm gonna make for next year instead of just focusing on the 'look' I am doing this year. (sigh).

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    I keep up with project life by cheating.... some days more pictures some days none at all... the memories of what you did are as important as just the right photo.... sometimes you don't have the camera in your hand so capture something the next day that's close.... are you really going to remember that moment was the day after ....or is what you want to remember more iimportant???? For me 365 has 2 goals better photographs and a better appreciation of each day.... and the ordinary things around you....
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    Another HUGE motivator is coming here to DD and glancing at the PL gallery!! It is so fun to take a peek into the lives our my friends here in the community!! Thanks to all of you who share your lives with us!

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    LOVE this, Steph! This looks doable to me...
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    I too am a 'finisher'. I like things done so if I start something, I don't let myself off the hook easily. (I'm not a Virgo for nothin'!)

    I tried hybrid for a few months back for the time we were in Hawaii. It drove me nuts. While I love the idea of doing it, the actual doing is much much harder for me than digital. When I decide I want that horizontal photo in a vertical spot...well I can adjust it in digital. If I have printed photos, ugh..time to reformat and print again.

    One of my stumbling blocks has been that the weeks that I've really been diligent about Day One leave me with more journaling than I could include. That has been my biggest dilemma and I'll have to reconsider doing a 6x12 addition for each week. Maybe, maybe not.

    And I'm probably going to do it next year. This quote is my reasoning...God thank you for every detail of my ordinary, everyday world. Especially today.
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    Great post Steph! I think Project Life is a priceless project. Like so many others I think it gets in the nooks and crannies of life. Little details that become more important as time passes!!

    I keep my project super simple so that I can keep up. Having it to one page really helps me not get overwhelmed

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    love, love, loved your article - I am taking the Project Life class starting next month and you have given me so many ideas. I'm really glad to see the supplies here at dd to supplement the project (I feel a spending spree coming on!).

    I have to agree with you one bite at a time theory. It seems sometimes that the first bite is the hardest (like walking out the front door to go on a walk) once you tackle the first bite, the others come easier!

    Thanks for your encouragement and inspiration!
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    awesome post Steph. You really hit the nail on the head!

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    Great post Steph! I'm still on the fence as to what to do in 2013, so it is interesting to read all the different takes on it!

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    Thanks for this great post Steph!

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