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    As an operational firefighter this time of year brings great sadness to me as I remember my 343 colleagues that perished on September 11th when the Twin Towers were attacked and subsequently collapsed. I know the majority of this community are indeed Americans and therefore I wanted to share a moment or two with you all to remember every single one of those people who lost their lives that day......God rest their souls.

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    How kind of you to write your thoughs, Carolynn. I think that the tragedy which befell our country put the entire world in shock. That day is definitely stamped in the minds of our country. I am honored to "know" that you are a firefighter . . . you are a hero and a symbol of bravery just as all firefighters are. Thank you for your sweet concern.

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    Oh my gosh, Carolynn, this is so very sweet of you. September 11 is a day I think many of us around the world will remember forever. I am sure you feel the sorrow being a firefighter and know all two well how heroic they were. Thank you for remembering.

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    so sweet of you to metion this Carolyn. I think 9/11 is etched in my brain forever.

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    Thank you, Carolynn, for this heartfelt and timely message.

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    A new friend of ours transferred out of the building in late August of 2001. He was on a bus three blocks away when the first tower fell. A few weeks ago he was telling us the story---and of the scrapbook they filled with snow-like pieces of paper that drifted down from the sky and covered their family park in Brooklyn---at dinner. My son Jake (who is 4) asked all week long, I want to see a video of the people falling.

    I couldn't bear to tell him what really happened, or what it meant for the people at the end of the fall. He didn't understand why I was crying while telling him he couldn't watch "a movie."

    Such a sad day. The memorial is a very fitting tribute, I believe.
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    The day will not be forgotten. I think we can all probably remember exactly where we were and how we were glued to the coverage. I remember feeling the earth shake and looking out to see the smoke rising from the Pentagon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by digigrandma View Post
    Thank you, Carolynn, for this heartfelt and timely message.
    I second this. Thank you, Carolynn and thank you for your service, too.

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    It happened late in the evening here in Australia. Allan called - "come and look at this" just as we were going to bed. We sat there in horror until the wee hours of the morning. Next day at school the TVs in the corridor were on all day covering the fall out. Some students had not slept all night. It certainly did have a big impact around the world.
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    Yes, it is one of those moments, you never forget where you were when you heard.... Thank you for remembering and for all that you do! My brother is a firefighter too, and my hat goes off to you!

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    It was an awful day and we really should remember it and all the people who perished!! Thanks for the reminder and thanks for what you do!!

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    Thank you Carolynn for this message! Thank you for your service too! I remember that I was expecting with Caden on that terrible day. We will never forget!
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    Thank you Carolynn for all you do in Britain, and for remembering this day. My son works at the Pentagon, but thank God was not there that day. I know several people who were working there...and when they speak of it...well, thank God they're alive.
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    Thank you, Carolynn, for remembering and honoring those who perished in the Twin Towers and for your service as a firefighter.

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    Those two towers falling did shake the entire globe. The bravery of the firefighters, the bystanders, the victims....all of it is a mark of faith in the ongoing love in the world.

    May we(I) all remember to do our part in the little struggles each day for all those we know and might encounter. Especially sending energy to the families of those who perished and who must continue a life of hope.
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    My daughter and I were in NY this summer and had a chance to see the memorials. We also went to the fire station nearest the towers that lost the most men because they were the first response. My daughter and I couldn't stop crying. My husband is a fire fighter and we can't even imagine what those families went through.

    On 911 I was pregnant expecting my oldest son. They did an episode on Dateline shortly after with all the babies that were born that lost their fathers in the towers. That show sticks with me even to this day. Such a tragedy.

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    Thank you, Carolyn, for your tribute to 9/11 and for all you do, too. It was indeed a day that shook the world... we will not forget...

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    Carolynn, thank you for everything you do in your service as a firefighter - you are so brave. I will never forget that terrible, terrible day. When I visited NY and Ground Zero in 2003 I was truly moved. Those images will never leave me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digigrandma View Post
    Thank you, Carolynn, for this heartfelt and timely message.
    ditto. that day is so clear in mind. my heart breaks every time I remember the tears and fear in my dad's voice as he was trying to reach his brother who worked near there. And the dutch children that had been staying with me, their parents were in the air on the way back to us that morning and were turned around back to Holland. And my Romanian exchange student had been sent to NYC to head home via bus that morning and, needless to say, she was turned around as well. It was a very very difficult time.

    My heart goes out to all the firefighters and their families as well.
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    Thank you do much for your heartfelt words. I will never forget that day. Such a tragedy.

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    Thank you so much for your service, Carolynn, and for remembering. My brother is a survivor and though this day is always hard, we must never forget.
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    Thank you Carolyn for the reminder... thank you for your firefighter service even if you are country's away your bravery and skills are oh so necessary and brave....I remember everything about the day .... I have another 9/11 memory it happened 4 years ago today... Mamaw moved in with me... keep in mine she was almost 86.... stubborn that she is.... she didn't want me to waste the gas to come get her and/or have her follow me... about 11 I was getting most apprehensive because she hadn't arrived... even though the moving truck had came and was now empty and gone.... her bedroom waiting for her arrival.... about that time a bycicler stopped in front of my house showing my grandmother where to turn in..... she got lost a fair amount that first month but didn't give up.... when she didn't know what to do she just parked the car and asked for help.... you'll be glad to know she isn't driving any more....and will be 90 on the 22nd...
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    I think we will all remember where we were on that morning when it all first happened. I don't think I did anything at all that week but watch tv. My heart went out to all the families that lost their loved ones.

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    Our community was greatly affected on 9/11. Several of our children's classmates lost their fathers that day. Luckily, my husband was running late and cancelled a breakfast meeting scheduled at Windows on the World that morning. One of the first things I said today was "it looks like a 9/11 day", cool Fall air and a bright, clear blue sky.

    Thank you for remembering, Carolynn, and for your service.

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    I think everyone - worldwide, remembers very clearly where they were and what they were doing when this horrific news broke. Such a terrible, terrible tragedy.
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    Bless you for thinking of us on the anniversary of this catastrophic tragedy, Carolyn. If only everyone was so respectful of their fellow man in spite of their differences this never would have had to happen.

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    I know this is late but thank you as well. It was a sad and shocking day not just for Americans but for people throughout the world. I also think it woke many Americans up, to our place in the world as a global community and how we are not isolated but part of a bigger picture than many of us want to acknowledge. My nephew is a firfighter and I know he puts his life on the line way more often than we all realize. Thank you Carolynn.

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    That tragedy makes all of us Americans. May God rest their souls and bring peace to the world.



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