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Thread: Effects Options Disappeared in PSE9

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    Effects Options Disappeared in PSE9

    HELP! I downloaded some actions to PSE9 the other day, but now I don't have anything else in my effects options. All layer styles and effects have disappeared. Can anyone help me get the basic ones back? Please???

  2. Just wondering if the window got unchecked by accident....

  3. Have you tried clicking on the 'Reset Panels' icon at the top of the screen?

  4. Have you tried rebuilding the database? It has probably been corrupted, causing the effects to temporarily disappear.

    Close Elements.
    Right click and rename the MediaDatabase here -

    C:\ ProgramData\ Adobe\ Photoshop Elements\ 9.0\ Locale\ en_US\ MediaDatabase.db3

    Reopen Elements and let it rebuild the file.

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