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Thread: ACDSee PC 15

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    ACDSee PC 15

    It took me 4 Ever and the help of wonderful, patient, Karen and people on here to finally get sort of used to ACDSee 14, now 15 is out. Is there any reason to buy every update? I want to stay where I am. Is it like Elements, alot of people are still using 6, 7,8 and doing fine. Are most of you updaters??

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    I don't have ACDSee . . . but, I do have Elements. I don't normally buy each upgrade as they come out . . . but wait four or five years to get the newest. I know that there are plenty of gals who have gotten the upgrade . . . hope that you hear from some of them. I would say that if you like 14 and are sort of used to it, I would steer clear of an upgrade to 15 right now.

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    I usually try to stagger my upgrades also. However, if there is a big change in the program I'm also willing to upgrade when it comes out. Actually, I still usually wait for PSE to come down in price as it gets closer to the even newer upgrade!

    I'd say if you are happy with what you've got, and are really comfortable with it, stick with it. Just my 2cents.
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    I'm still using version 9.0
    I only upgrade when there's something specific in the new version that I need.
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    Not upgrading here, I figure is something ain't broke dont fix it.

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    I won't be updating either - everything is working well right now!



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