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Thread: opening a work paper

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    opening a work paper

    I open a new file and usually it is the scrapping size of 12 by 12. When it opens it always opens to 8.33%, can I get this to open to a larger size? That is so small and I always have to stop and enlarge it, not that it takes along time, but is just aggrevating, is there a short cut?

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    Once your file opens, if you press Control and zero together, your file should expand to the biggest size it can be and still fit on the screen.
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    That only brought it to 9.33%. I know it can go bigger than that. Am I in a restricted
    size somewhere in my tools or something? I had this problem about a year ago and it seemed to go away and was fine till today. I reset all tools, but I think I did something
    to a size thin somewhere.



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