Wow! What a friendly community! I posted one page and got so many friendly, supportive comments. It was very uplifting.

I started scrapbooking - specifically digital scrapbooking - in January of 2012, because I had a goal to get a "dance" scrapbook done for my daughter before her hs graduation in May. Yes, I'm a "dance mom" for real, and my daughter is going to major in dance in college.

I didn't get "done" but we did have two scrapbooks at the grad party and it is fairly complete up to 2009. Beyond that, it's mostly done except for completing this year.

But now that the end of the project is almost here, I have a new hobby. Problem is, I don't have a lot of pictures, which is one reason why I never scrapbooked. (The dance pictures are a combo of professional photos, snaps from others, captured from video, and some I took myself.)

But, my hubby has a new hobby of photography, so hopefully we can work together to capture some memories as we move forward.

Plus, I'm an independent music teacher, so I've already incorporated some digital scrapbooking for the students in my studio.