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Thread: Hi! I am new here and I am from NE Ohio

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    Hi! I am new here and I am from NE Ohio

    Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and let you know I am getting to know you and this site. I have been scrapbooking for almost 4 years, and it is my passion. I do mostly traditional paper scrapping but I am now doing more digital and hybrid scrapping. I am a wife, mother of two DD's and grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren. I am retired from nursing and I do what I want when I want! I am looking forward to learning and being inspired by all of yhour beautiful creations.

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    welcome, cindy! you'll love it here at designer digitals and it sounds like you'll have lots of time to spend here; lucky you!!

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    Hiya, welcome to DD, it's a very friendly place. Look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery!
    Chrissy x

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  4. HI and welcome.... I'm in Fairborn .... just off 675.... you will love it here and you came at a great time.... there's a challenge today at 2 with a freebie.... don't know whats up but you can check out the link and the pages people make.... then you have a quarterly sale with chats/challenges coming up on the 22nd... I was a paper scrapper .... then switched to hybrid and now its pretty much all digital.... you will love it here!!!
    Debbie Douglas aka Minideb
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    Oh my goodness!Welcome to DD! I am always looking for people interested in digital scrapping in this area. I am in NE Ohio too and also retired and a grandmother. Scrapping is also my passion! I have been scrapping digitally for almost 8 years. I tried paper scrapping but just didn't accomplish much. I have been at DD since the beginning and know you will love it here. If you are interested in chatting more with someone from your area, send me a note in the Private Messages (at top right of screen under the welcome.) So glad you checked in and introduced yourself!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    Welcome, Cindy!!! You will love this community! Looking forward to seeing your work in the gallery.

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    Hi Cindy! Retirement is a wonderful time what you want! I bet you NE Ohio people could easily have a local Scrap!
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  8. Welcome Cindy! It is nice to have you here with us at DD . . . I know that you will soon realize what a welcoming and friendly place this is! Lots of good advice, inspiration and wonderful people.

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    Welcome! You will love it here - lots of wonderful digital supplies, amazing inspiration, and very friendly people!

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    Welcome to DD, Cindy! I'm a retired grandmother, too -- isn't retirement just the best? I look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery!

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    Thank you for the warm welcome! I am trying to learn my way around and now I have a few faces and names I can ask for help!!!!

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  12. Welcome to DD Cindy!! I promise you will fall in love with this place.. looking forward to getting to know you!!

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  13. welcome to the happiest place in digi-scrapping land

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    Welcome to DD - I am envious of your retired grandmother status - something I can only dream about!! You've found the most amazing place here - looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!

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  15. Welcome! There are quite a few from Ohio here. I'm in Toledo.

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    Hello Cindy! Welcome here! I love this community as will you! It's full of great advice and a great place to share.
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    Welcome Cindy. I'm a grandmother and WISH is was retired!
    aka - justbnsharon
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    Welcome to you. You are amongst good company here, we are all passionate about this craft. .

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    Hi neighbor, I live in PA, just around the corner from you I used to paper scrap myself, but those supplies are all collecting dust now! Welcome to the community, I hope you'll like it and I can't wait to see your creations in the gallery!

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    Hi, Cindy! So glad you found DD! Welcome and we hope you like it here!

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    Welcome Cindy!! Glad you found DD! See you in the gallery.

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    Welcome Cindy! Can't wait to see some of your digital creations

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  23. Wonderful to have you joining us for chatting, learning and sharing of layouts, Cindy! I'm a retired teacher enjoying every chance I get to be with our 3 grandsons and time to practice my favorite scrapping! Thanks for introducing yourself. I look forward to getting to know you better.

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  24. Welcome Cindy! See you in the gallery!

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    Welcome to DD, you will love it here and we can't wait to see your work!

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    Welcome! Hope you share your work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrapincin View Post
    I do what I want when I want!
    Hmm... retirement sounds good to me! Hope you will "want" to spend a lot of time here. Welcome!
    Julie DeGuia
    Kennewick, WA
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    Welcome Cindy!! I too have two girls and I went into nursing! However, I dropped out to be a SAHM!! So happy to have you here!! Looking forward to seeing you around!
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    Welcome Cindy, you have come to the best place for digital scrapbooking!

    Scrapbooking, and photography are my passions as well, and I used to be a paper scrapper, but I am almost exclusively digital now.... I love the flexibility and ease.

    Enjoy browsing and hope to "see" you in gallery soon!

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    Welcome to DD. We are so thrilled you have joined us!!!
    Amy Mallory


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