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Thread: Dad New To Digital Scrapping

  1. Hey, I enjoyed the pages you successfully uploaded to our gallery! Big welcome to you, Bryan!

    (My husband goes to lots of garage sales. He says the item most often for sale at garage sales is some sort of exercise equipment like a treadmill. You're not alone in not using yours! )

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    Hi! Just saw your pages, and I love your clean, graphic style. Keep them coming! You'll love it here
    -anx -

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    Hi Bryan! Welcome to DD!

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    Late to the welcoming committee... dang me... But, I'm glad you found us! I enjoyed your first layouts immensely and can't wait to see more... from that guy perspective. And, yes, I agree with Kelly... your wife is very smart!

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  5. Hi Bryan.... welcome to DD looking forward to seeing more of your pages and photography and your wonderful sense of humor...... I hope you appreciate these wonderful tips.....number 1 their are incredible tutorials by Cassie that show you how to use your elements/photoshop better....from the looks of your pages you already know alot!

    Number 2 they have sales here... every weekend new product comes out on Saturday and is on sale to Monday.... sometimes we are lucky and They have it for us on Friday evening.....(20% off

    Every Thursday they have another sale that is 30% off

    once a month they have a 30 minute challenge which is a lot of fun you get free stuff and
    it really challanges the mind to do a page in 30 minutes....

    They have quarterly sales.... don't quote but the next one should be in August.... those are big all day on Saturday they have challenges... tips and freebies...

    and speaking of freebies they have abot 3 a week here

    Since your brilliantly smart wife suggested you start with challenges and the gallery your already way ahead of the game

    Debbie Douglas aka Minideb
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    A warm welcome to DD Bryan, looking forward to seeing your pages!!

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    Welcome!!! Pages from a guy's perspective will be wonderful!!
    Brenda - wife, mother, animal lover!
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    Welcome Bryan!!! We are so happy to have you here! My 10 year old son is getting into scrapping. He will be happy to know there are a few more guys around here!!!
    Amy Mallory


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    Hi Bryan, welcome to DD! We're glad to have you join us and hope to see a lot more of your work--it's great!

  10. Thanks ladies!

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    Just saw some of your pages in the gallery--holy moly! You're a natural at this! Love your clean, graphic style. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
    "I never met a mouse I didn't like."
    (with apologies to Will Rogers)
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    Welcome to DD!! Enjoying seeing your great pages!!

  13. Thanks Squeak and Ang66.

  14. welcome to dd bryan!! First...I have to say that I just love your avatar. You have a great graphic style that really complements your photography...I see a lot of your pages ending up in my favorites file!!

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    Great to meet you Bryan. Love your graphic style too. You have a great sense of humor and it's nice to get a male perspective. welcome!

  16. Thanks so much ladies!

    Kelly... good one!

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