Hello Ladies,

My name is Bryan and I am new to digital scrapbooking. My main hobby: an avid photographer. My wife has been encouraging me to scrap the view point of my photographs for several years now and I have finally given in. I've been tooling through the gallery, and what inspiration. Not really knowing exactly what to scrap... my wife suggested that I 1) scrap my man things (things that I know, my view point using my dry sense of humor) and 2) start with some challenges to get the process started... so here I am.

I have two layouts done and have been having trouble uploading them to the galleries... I was wondering if there was someone that could help me. After I upload... I get a screen that says (upload successful) but then as it pops me back to my photos... there is nothing there and it reads (this category does not contain any images). If anyone could suggest any tricks, that would be great.