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Thread: new scrapbooking Brit!

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    new scrapbooking Brit!

    hi all ,

    since returning froma fantastic disney florida holida 2 weeks ago with over 4000 - yes 4000! photos - i was looking at what to do with them all and came across digital scrapbooking sites - but there seems to be very little info in the uk?.

    i have tried paper scrapbooking - well started with my first daughter (now five) and got to her christening and thats all - as so messy , too much stuff and time needed , but with 2nd daughter starting pre school in september and only working part time i will now have 2 mornings to myself - yippee!.

    i have not tried digital yet as trying to get hubbie to buy me a laptop and photoshop elements (is this best to use?)! telling him it will be more cost effective as the developers wanted 250 to print them all .

    i have so many questions but dont even know where to begin - although getting laptop first would be good i guess.

    i welcome any help and advice please - thanks

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    Welcome to the best digital scrapbooking site ever! Yes, you will need a computer and a program to create your pages. I started with Photoshop Elements. In the top purple bar on this page, there's a link to the "Getting Started" thread. You'll find that helpful. We're delighted to have you at DD, and I look forward to seeing what you create.

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    Such an exciting adventure!! Any form of computer will work just perfectly for this fun hobby! Elements is a great way to go as well! My youngest starts preschool this fall as well. I am looking forward to the alone time, but sad at the same time! Check out the tips/tutorials Linda suggested! If you have more questions, just post here in the forum and someone (if not several people) will help you out! Welcome to dd!! Can't wait to see you in the gallery!
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    Heya, welcome to DD, nice to see someone else from the UK, there are a few of us.

    I would recommend Photoshop elements too, you can try a free 30 day trial to see if it suits you, and we don't mind questions at all.

    I've always found it a very friendly place here, hope you enjoy digiscrapping once you find your way with it.
    Chrissy x

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    Always great to see a fellow Brit here :-)

    I am in the same position right now BTW - with 5000 photos from a trip to scrap. Fortunately I love doing travel albums best of all. (In fact we recently had a forum chat about it here)

    Photoshop elements is a great programme for scrapping. The learning curve can be a little frustrating at first, but we've all been there and there are great tutorials here which really make it easier to get that first page done. And then you are on your way :-)

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    I remember just starting out with digi in 2007, it was overwhelming at times, but believe, you will never regret it! My paper supplies are all messing up my attic now There are lots of tutorials around and people are very friendly. Any questions, just shoot away Welcome to DD!!!

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    Welcome from me, too! Lots of fun to be had here
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    Glad you found DD... there really is so much help here for when you are getting started and figuring it all out. The links they mention above are a great way to find out more... I could never keep up with the mess of paper scrapping and am soo happy to have found DD myself... Welcome to DD!
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    You'll be so happy you've found DD. There is so much help here with the tips, tutorials and information in the forums. You'll find it's an addictive hobby!
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  10. Oh, good, you found us! Welcome! Looks like you have been given good advice to help you get started. I discovered digital scrapping back in 2005 when there wasn't as much help in the form of tutorials and templates. You are going to love it and I highly recommend you get this tutorial by Cassie Jones from the DD store:
    Getting Started: Your First Layout - Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

    This is a step by step approach to creating a layout plus the needed papers and embellishments by designer Katie Pertiet are included. When you are done you will have learned how to work with Photoshop Elements and you'll complete a layout while learning.

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    Welcome! I think you have the right idea; PSE and a computer.

    You'll find lots of hints and answers to questions here. Stick to some basics at first and follow tutorials like the one Merrilee mentioned above. If you establish a solid foundation in this addictive hobby, you'll soon be on your way and having loads of fun!
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    Welcome from another Brit here too, be warned it becomes VERY addictive !!!!

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    Welcome!!!! I can completely understand - I have 7000 photos from 1 holiday to scrap and 2 years later am still finding it hard to choose which ones.

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    Welcome. There's so much helpful advice here and easy to follow tutorials. Just have a wander through the gallery and you'll get a lot of ideas too.

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    Welcome from Sunny Florida!! Can't wait to see your Disney pages! Feel free to ask for help in the forums too! There is so much to learn it can seem overwhelming, but this is THE BEST place to be for help & encouragement!!

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  16. Welcome to Designer Digitals! I think that you will love it here . . . everyone is so warm and friendly and full of help when you need it! When you get to the point where you want to start your disney book you will find several people here have made Disney books of their own. Great inspiration for yours I can imagine.

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    Welcome!!! You found a great place to start and learn. THis community is so helpful. My suggestion would be to start with one of Cassie's tutorials in the shop when you get your software. Most people use some form of Photoshop.

    There are tons of Disney pages in the gallery to inspire you to tackle all those photos!

    Hope to see some of your work soon

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    Welcome!!! You found a great place to start and learn. THis community is so helpful. My suggestion would be to start with one of Cassie's tutorials in the shop when you get your software. Most people use some form of Photoshop.

    There are tons of Disney pages in the gallery to inspire you to tackle all those photos!

    Hope to see some of your work soon

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    hello fellow Brit where a bouts are you?
    I'm in Southampton, and I loooooooove it here. best place on the internet

    YES its a big leap taking up digi scrapping... but, its mess free, fabulous value for money - you can re-use and re-colour everything billions of times - and most new laptops now come with Photoshop elements on it too... worth checking when you buy
    I also champion Cassie's tutorials here, brilliant step by step stuff.

    look forward to chatting with you, and helping you out if you need it
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    Hellooooo from one Brit to another!! I'm from Herefordshire on the English/Welsh border, there are a handful of us Brits here at DD and I see a couple have already introduced themselves. Get yourself a laptop and download the trial version of Photoshop Elements, everything else we can help you with. DD is an amazing community, so glad you found us x

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    Welcome and good luck! It's very addicting! I switched from paper to digi about 3 years ago, and haven't looked back! Great place to start at DD!!

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    Welcome to DD! I had Elements for a couple of years and couldn't figure out how to use it, then stumbled onto all of this information and support available online...and have never looked back to paper! You'll love it!



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