hi all ,

since returning froma fantastic disney florida holida 2 weeks ago with over 4000 - yes 4000! photos - i was looking at what to do with them all and came across digital scrapbooking sites - but there seems to be very little info in the uk?.

i have tried paper scrapbooking - well started with my first daughter (now five) and got to her christening and thats all - as so messy , too much stuff and time needed , but with 2nd daughter starting pre school in september and only working part time i will now have 2 mornings to myself - yippee!.

i have not tried digital yet as trying to get hubbie to buy me a laptop and photoshop elements (is this best to use?)! telling him it will be more cost effective as the developers wanted 250 to print them all .

i have so many questions but dont even know where to begin - although getting laptop first would be good i guess.

i welcome any help and advice please - thanks