Completely new here, and I have an agenda (for which I will apologise in advance).

I am not a digital scrapbooker... I *am* lusting after many of the Silhouette cut-outs which Ali Edwards uses, particularly in her Project Life album. I contacted her, and she suggested I make contact via a community, with others who may use them.

Long story short - I live in New Zealand and I don't have a Silhouette. They're not sold here (I could possibly get one off of TradeMe, or from Amazon, but there would be very little backup/support). I have searched ebay and can't find any cut-outs for sale. I *want* to pay someone to post some to me, please!

If you're an Ali Edwards fan, and if you use files and Silhouette cut-outs in a similar manner to which she does in her PL album, I would like to hear from you with a view to paying you to cut some out for me and pop them in the post to me.

Looking forward to reading inspiring information from you all, and feeling completely overwhelmed when you start talking about lenses, about PSE, about stuff I don't know about! My cyber-shot and iPhone stand me in good stead, as does my local photo printing place and all that 'old fashioned' stuff