Hi, My name is Dayna and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

I have been scrapbooking for years as a 100% traditional scrapper (I love paper and embellies). Other then printing out jouranlling, I have never really entered into the digital world of scrapbooking. Recently I wanted to do something with my iPhone instagram photos, but I wanted it to be quick and simple, so it would be something I would continue to do and not just start and never finish.

That is when I came across Cathy Zielske's Template No. 89. I had always admired Cathy's clean and simple styple of scrapping, but never really understood the digital side of it. I am slowly using and understanding PSE more now, so thought it was about time I attempted something digital.

So...my Instagram month by month project was born. I couldn't bring myself to go 100% digital, so I print the main section on white cardstock and matt and back the remainder on paper. I guess thats what they call hybrid...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to learning more about the digital side of scrapbooking and getting lots of inspiration from everyone.

You can check out my work here on my blog... The Adventures of Us

Dayna xxx