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    Facebook Timeline

    Ugh! Not a fan, but it's coming whether I like it or not. Has anyone here made the switch? Can someone pleeeaaase explain the two columns to me? I've read some stuff about how to configure my page with timeline, but I seriously don't get the whole two-column thing. I've looked at other people's pages who have switched to timeline, and I can't follow them! Do I get to choose which stories go in which column, or does timeline just post them at random?
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    LOL! I've had for quite a while now, and I'm still trying to adjust...
    The "timeline" is the thin line in the middle of your two columns.
    Every post on either side has a little arrow pointing towards, and placing it on the timeline.
    Usually, the posts end up on every other side in descending order... Starting at the lefthand side. If the first post is a very short one, the second and third might also end up on the lefthand side, but then they will start zigzaging downwards!

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    Ooooohhhh--a time line! Hence the name! Thanks, Thess. This will help, although I still don't understand the need for the change. A simple, one-column chronological order of posts was, what? Too easy? Too boring? I read somewhere that Mark Zuckerberg used scrapbooking as a model when developing timeline. Sheesh! And I though my pages were busy and hard to follow!
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    Obviously, Mark Zuckerberg didn't hang out at DD.
    I'm not a fan of the new design either. But then, I'm not that active so who am I to complain, right?

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    I think the timeline version looks a lot more like a blog with a striking header and no I haven't changed. I also gut feel that each change has so many 'quietly thrown in there' stuff that I suspect any semblance of privacy gets chiseled away by not opting out to things we never even see.

    I mostly post to FB via Twitter but check once in a while esp for my friends whose whole life is on FB. If I want to know, well...FB it is.
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    I haven't made the change either! I just recently notice the change when I looked at Facebook from my computer. I just usually look at FB from my iPhone app.

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    Neither have I made the change! Neither am I a fan!! It seems random and scattered to me. I also feel like maybe things have been left out?!?!
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    NOT a great fan either, doesn't seem a logical layout.

    But I do like the "banner" along the top. And what I did was just experiment with using different scrapbook layouts (already saved in my hard-drive of course!)for the banner picture to get one that looked cool 'cropped' like that.

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    I made the change when they asked me to "try" it. Well, try isn't the right word, since you can't change back... I am not a fan at all, but it sounds like we will all get stuck with it eventually. I hang mostly in the newsfeed, so I don't look at it too much anyway..

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